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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seth, again

Just got off the phone with the hospital: Seth is back on the oscillator, which apparently is upsetting him enough for them to put him on sedation/pain meds every 2 hours. He is needing more pressure and more oxygen than he did before they moved him off the oscillator two days ago. He's in the 70%'s for oxygen requirement and 16.5 on pressure (vs. 12).

It's discouraging to me to know he's worse than he was, that this move ended up hurting rather than helping, but I understand why they tried the move. I, too, hoped and thought he was ready! His lungs and alveoli are just too immature to rhythmically expand and exhale yet, so the oscillator with its higher, more constant pressure, is what he needs for now.

Please pray for Seth's comfort and healing, for excellent re-recruitment of the lung tissue that has collapsed/inflamed over the past two days, and most of all for growth of new, healthy lung tissue! I realize we cannot and should not try to dictate what the Lord is doing, however. We trust His character and know He loves these babies more than we can imagine.

Thank you all,


  1. uggh...sounds like a very long day for you. I will be on a plane all night tonight...plenty of time to pray.

  2. Father, I come before you with a heavy heart and yet quite aware that you know everything about tiny Seth and all of his siblings. You formed them and knitted them in their mother's womb. You know the very hairs on their heads and are acquainted with all their ways including their physical struggles. Father, once again we are reminded that they are in your hands and even when we can't understand all that is going on, You are still right there with these precious little ones. Oh Sovereign Lord, our prayer is for total and complete healing for Seth's lungs. Father, please breathe fresh breath and fresh life into his little lungs. Father, may they grow and develope and suprise everyone involved with the good progress that he makes today. Lord, these babies are in your watch care and protection. Please give Gavin, Carrie and Isaac the grace to cast their cares upon you - knowing that you care for them and their family. Amen and amen.

    Gail Boemker
    Waxhaw, NC

  3. Lord, it is ALL in Your Hands and we are well aware of that. But, we come to You knowing that you will listen and answer according to Your Will - please heal these precious babies, each with their own needs, and give Carrie and Gavin peace that all will be well. Thank you that Isaac's school experience has improved and help him to adapt to his big brother roll. These babes are a blessing and You are praised for this wonderful gift. Amen. NKL

  4. Poor little guy, bless his heart and yours. I know this is so hard for all of you. Will be praying for Seth to recover quickly and be back on the other vent soon.

  5. Heavenly Father We Thank-you for Picking each team, for each of the Babies,,and for the teams to be open to you wisdom, care, and Watchful Guidance.....In saying that Father, we ask For Your Love and Grace, on Gavin and Carrie, In these times of ups and downs,knowing that all is in your hands...Father Will, David, Marcie,Grace, and Seth have come so far this past month, Help us to hold onto that,,,as we come to you Father, to ask for help AND
    health, for ALL the Babies, especially for Baby Seth, Hold him in your loving arm and fill him with your peace and healing love... "Lord We Do Not Understand But WE BELIEVE"!!!!

  6. Praying for your precious family, thanks for the updates! Laurie in Florida :)

  7. I don't write but I do pray.
    Love, Judy VP


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