But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Friday, July 13, 2018

Many Glacier, Glacier National Park

Selfie with my beloved Isaac in the lobby of the Many Glacier Hotel 
My beautiful girls crossing Swiftcurrent Lake in the ferry boat

My handsome men inside the boat

My happy boy hikers! On our way to Grinnell Lake and Glacier. David smiling for the camera, then Will ahead of him, with Seth in front and Marcie on Isaac's shoulders. Gracie was behind with Marmi and Papa, I think. 

The whole family, happy together on a beautifully clear day!

Dad and son - super special times. Isaac has such an amazing attitude about his younger siblings.

The wind was whipping up against the stone wall!

Gavin's turn to be in the photo with Papa snapping it. Isn't the background INCREDIBLE?!

At Grinnell Lake.

On our way back across the lake. Marmi with Will, Marcie and Seth on the front bow of the boat.

The flowers at the hotel were gorgeous. Isaac was a good sport to keep standing in photos for us. :)

Fun in the [COLD!] snow: Glacier National Park

The climate sure changes when you hope a plane and fly far north, then drive deep into the Rocky Mountains!

Camping was an unqualified success, helped hugely by Marmi and Papa keeping two or three kids each night in their cute nearby KOA cabin. The kids loved it!

The kids lined up their camping chairs to sit where they could see Marmi and Papa's approach -
it was nearly a year-and-a-half since they'd seen them last!

Together again! At St. Mary's Lake

Isaac showing off his awesome breakfast sausages, a huge treat after four years in PNG

Big helpers David and Seth bring campfire wood to Daddy, Marcie in the background.
Will and Grace were at Marmi and Papa's cabin that morning.

Breakfast always tastes better out in nature, even when it's just cold cereal.

S'mores! Yummy for David and everyone!
David and Will enjoy the fire and dry cereal

Joy overflowed into group hugs. Seth is very into hugging and having family hugs.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fun in the [HOT!] sun

Boy oh boy, we hit TX at a terribly hot time! The kids keep saying it's too hot in America. We're spoiled, living in the mountains of PNG! However, we're managing to have a busy, happy time nonetheless. So much excitement! On the whole, the kids have done great. Will is the one who needs the most prayer for ability to transition and feel at ease. His broken collarbone (he fell off of the monkey bars our first week here after four years of climbing monkey bars in PNG with no problems!) only gives him pain when someone jostles him or he falls into something, as happened tonight, but the FIVE crowns he needed on decayed molars really put him over the top! It was quite painful for a few days. The other kids' teeth are fine, but he is prone to cavities - largely because he eats to self-comfort, I think. Life is just a little more upsetting for Will. The lack of cheese pizza tonight was heartbreaking to him, for example. We got him some on the way to where we were having a supper snack, so it all turned out okay. :)

A picture from the zoo last week, thanks to our lovely babysitter Naomi from when the kids were little bitty! More to come, but it's bedtime now.

Love and gratitude!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

In Dallas after a wonderful trip!

I could tell lots of people were praying! Seth was absolutely fine, the other kids were a bit sick but did great, and we made it here with no issues despite a delayed flight and down-to-the-minute connection at LAX. The kids were such troopers! They did better than I'd even hoped! Now they're having the time of their lives discovering all the food and toys their loved ones in the area have showered us with! Our spacious apartment was spotless and stocked with food and cleaning supplies and treats, thanks to Aunts Pam and Cyn, my parents, Aunt Mickey, Aunt Deb, Reid, Claudia and Steve (awesome bunk beds!), PLUS we have a beautiful new-to-us Suburban parked in the front! Thank you ALL who made our arrival so delightful! I'm LOVING getting to know my nieces and nephew - first time meeting them!


My phone is dying and we don't have internet right now on computer, so pictures later

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Made it to Australia with NO issues!

Seth is hanging in there, managed to have fun at Muddy’s Playground today, although not his normal silly self. Did GREAT on flight, praise God and thanks for praying! All the kids did wonderfully with traveling, baggage checking and claiming, customs and immigration, and rental car pickup. 
Seth’s fever is better but he just now needed his inhaler to get his sats out of the mid-80’s. No one else is sick, so that’s a huge praise!! 

Last night was rough with Seth up every hour or so and another episode of vomiting, so I am heading to bed! 

Love and gratitude!


P.S. We get lots of attention for having two sets of twins (girls + Seth and David), but Will is so dark and big they think he’s older! We are no longer quite so attention-grabbing. We still
 dress them alike so WE have an easier time keeping track of them! 
Watching our plane at the gate in Port Moresby this morning 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Update on Seth

Thanks for praying! He only vomited the once,  a huge praise! However, when we got to the airport he was struck with diarrhea, all over his underwear and shorts. The praise there is that we weren't already on the plane, and we had extra clothes in the suitcases, of course.

He's also started satting 93% on average, although during this morning's flight to Port Moresby he dropped into the high 70%'s. PLEASE PRAY he does well on the flight to Cairns, Australia, tomorrow. It's only an hour-and-a-half, but we won't have the option for oxygen like we did on today's flight.

We have steroids and inhaler with us to use as needed, and it will be good to stay in Cairns a few days in case he needs to see a pediatrician. We certainly don't want to get on the long-haul flight with those kinds of oxygenations. But we have 6 days before the trans-Pacific flight, thankfully.

Isaac is worlds better today after a good night's sleep and quality time with friends this morning, plus lots of people to see him off! (There are many flights today, the majority with graduating seniors heading back to their home countries for university/technical school/military.)

Thank you again for your prayers. We can't say enough how grateful we are!


Urgent prayer requests!

Hi all,

Less than 13 hours before we take off on our first airplane, Seth has a fever and just vomited. He started coughing earlier today, and tonight he's having trouble sleeping because of it. PLEASE PRAY the vomiting is only because of a reaction to ibuprofen and not a symptom of illness. The thought of traveling with all these little people SICK is just, well, sickening. :(

Please also pray for Isaac. He's really struggling with sadness over leaving his friends and life here. He's super excited to see his friends in Dallas, but he doesn't remember Waxhaw well or have real friends there yet, so the idea of living there for the school year - and only being in Dallas for a couple weeks - is depressing to him. I'm trying to remind him how kind God has always been, and how many good things He's filled his life with everywhere we've ever lived, but I don't want to minimize his grief either. No matter who and what lies on the other side of the ocean, it won't be his buddies and his community here.

Love and gratitude,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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