But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our new slide!

Thank you, Reed family!! The kids are crazy about this slide!

Marcie, Seth, Will

Seth's turn! 
What a blessed mom to get to catch this little blondie at the bottom!

Marcie giving me kisses after kissing her own hand. All the kids blow or give kisses now. LOVE it!
The girls fighting for supremacy. Gracie is winning - but watch out, Will's coming!

Will is so happy and proud.

Interesting facts from everyday life right now

Interesting facts:

Isaac loves to comfort the babies and help put them to bed. It's so sweet! He's really, really amazingly good at it, too! He strokes their cheeks, prays with them, talks to them softly, and cuddles them in a blanket if they're having a hard time settling down. Or he plunks them in their crib if they're just ready to go to sleep. :)

Will can say 19 words, the most of any of the kids. I never would have thought he'd be the most articulate!

Seth likes Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with chocolate milk, whole milk and half-and-half.

Gracie says "up" or "uppy" now when she wants to be held. She is certainly the most verbal, if not actually speaking the Queen's English. ;)

Marcie is as rough and tumble as the boys. She likes throwing herself up and over into a huge cardboard box 2/3rds full of stuffed animals. I guess she knows the landing will be soft?

David is fairly obsessed with cars and push toys and push carts and a specific truck book he makes us read to him over and over and over again, always with great delight on his part.
David in the cart he accidentally knocked Gracie over with, (see previous post) enjoying his milk and resting.

THE truck book David loves so dearly. Grandpadad sang it to him! He had to make up both the lyrics and melody. Impressive.

Gavin has been out of town since Sunday. I keep forgetting to mention that. He's doing a training course in maintenance of the engine in our Quest Kodiak aircraft in PNG. He's also getting some more helicopter flying time so he can be fresh for his next and last training: Bell Helicopter's full touchdown autorotations (practicing landing without any engine power to the rotors). He returns Saturday. In the meantime, we're doing great, thanks to lots of help and God's mercy! But I need to go to bed since I am a single parent currently. :)

The joys of single parenting: one can't keep an eye on all kids simultaneously. (Okay, so that's always true, no matter if both of us are home!) David came running down the hall with this toilet paper streaming out behind him like a bride in her veil. 

SWEET David story!

David accidentally knocked Gracie down with one of his push carts this afternoon. When I told him he needed to be more careful of poor Gracie he immediately pulled his pacifier out of his mouth, ran to her and popped it into her little wailing mouth. She promptly quit crying and he went back to his push toy, and both kids were as happy as could be. What a sweet boy to want to help her feel better; what a smart boy to know what would make her stop crying; and what a surprisingly unselfish boy to give up his one and only pacifier to his baby sister!! From David, especially, that is TRUE LOVE. He is a pacifier maniac. Only an hour before I had been frustrated at him stealing her pacifier and being slow to give it back!

Another mother of quints! Plus another zoo visit

My new friend Opalyn is 22 weeks pregnant with three little boys and two girls! This is her first pregnancy, and she's only been in the U.S. for a couple of years. She is from the Philippines, married to an American. I will hopefully get to meet her next week. She lives quite a ways from us but is still in the Dallas area.

If I have loaned anyone anything that you are now done with (or if you happen to have extra baby stuff floating around that you'd be happy to give away), could you please contact me so I can start collecting quint paraphernalia for Opalyn? We are so excited to be able to pass on the blessings we've so richly received!

Also, please pray for a safe pregnancy and healthy babies who will stay in their momma lot longer than mine did in me, Lord willing!

As we well know, having five babies at once is a ZOO! Speaking of which . . .

We went to the zoo again! The kids love it, Megan and Naomi can get us in for free, and Megan even works there now as a junior zookeeper! Such fun for us all!

Gracie's all wet after playing in the water at the Children's Zoo

Marcie loving the slide

Grandpadad and David, who thinks he owns him.
[I had the wrong camera lens on and completely ruined all the pictures I took of my mom with the kids. Sorry!]

Peek-a-boo Gracie!
Peek-a-boo Seth!
Strawberry Marcie! Her onesie from Aunt Krista and Co. has strawberries on it and she's
eating a strawberry in this picture. She loves Grandpadad's hat.
Marcie again

Gracie and Megan
Will was VERY excited about the big flying birds at the bird show!
Big Girl Gracie sitting patiently at the bird show

Climbing the stairs was the most fun part of the bird show!

Seth with David behind him on the stairs (and those are my white pants, ready to catch any falls - and dirt!)
Hugging the metal kangaroos was obligatory, apparently.

Petting the goats: David, Marcie and Seth in the very far right corner

Brave David. The last time they called the goats "doggies," but I don't think they did that this time. I'm pretty sure they barked, though! (The babies, not the goats.)

Doesn't Will look pleased with himself?

Gracie and Seth visiting the goats with Megan's help

Lots of tired kids ready to head home. My favorite, most often-repeated comments during the day were: "Are they all twins?" and "That is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!" Dress 'em alike, line 'em up, they cause a stir!

Goodnight, Marcie!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Texas Bluebonnet Photos - the Jones 8

This was a lot harder than last year, Gavin said. "Last year we just plunked them down and they stayed where we put them!"

(Photo by Valerie Rivera - thank you!!)
We tried to re-create the posed photo from last year . . . with no success.
Nevertheless, Naomi was able to get some great shots as always. We can't thank her or God enough for using her talents and skills and camera to bless us (and those who love us!). :)
Everyone is smiling because Grandpadad is playing peek-a-boo using a paper bag on his head.
I couldn't decide which photo was my favorite. I love this one of Isaac, silly kid! 

Seth and David are just cracking up at my dad in this photo!

My wonderful, handsome husband again with Gracie, who was very happy to let her daddy hold her for one last photo.
The other kids were off exploring the flowers and field.
The girls: Gracie on the left, Marcie on the right, happy Mommy in the middle

I love my girls! I wish Marcie had been smiling, but it was the end of the photo session and she was done. :)

P.S. I love my boys every bit as much, even though they weren't interested in staying still for any more photos!

Texas Bluebonnet Photos - the kids in birth order

Apologies for the weird formatting - I had a lot of trouble and finally gave up. The photos are not the sizes or places they should be!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones