But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Saturday, July 23, 2016

First day of Pre-school for the quints

The kids were very excited yesterday to go to Pre-school for the first time.  I (Gavin) took this video of them moments before heading off to class.

They had a great day (without any potty incidents).  They can't have any toilet "incidents" and stay in class, so we're hoping that will be good leverage for them to finally kick this long-term toilet training marathon.

It's a short walk.  We live right next to the primary school and the pre-school class is literally 100 feet away from our house. 
No separation anxiety for these kids.  They just jumped right into playing and didn't care about us leaving at all.

Seth and David had the police and fireman hats on within about 10 seconds of being in the room.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More horse pictures

We've had a delightfully uneventful couple of weeks. Good health is such an incredible blessing, not fully appreciated until you don't have it!

The kids are starting preschool tomorrow with the famed Aunt Debbie (who used to take them on Friday mornings for their own personal preschool). It's only two mornings a week, but they are SO excited! They've been asking for weeks, maybe months, when Aunt Debbie will be their teacher and they can go to Isaac's school. The preschool on up to 6th grade, inclusive, is all on the same campus. So for one year big brother Isaac will be on the same campus as his many little siblings. How fun! And the campus is right next door to our house. I frequently hand Isaac things through the fence. It's fun to hear his voice at recess, and tomorrow I'll start hearing the quints' voices too. I hope they are mostly happy sounds!

It's been a big goal to the kids "accident-free" (potty-wise) so they can attend school. Thankfully the past few days they've made it all morning without any accidents. We hope and pray that continues when it really matters, in a classroom with lots of other kids and no facilities to deal with potty messes!

Isaac says this is going to be a great year. He says every teacher he has is "awesome, fun, funny and really nice." He has several different teachers. We realize anew how blessed with our with school and the people who come to serve in it. Let us know if you are interested! There's always a need for more teachers. :)

Work has really slowed down for me in the Clinic laboratory with the return of my dear friend/supervisor/trainer Natalie. I've learned so much during her study absence, and she's come back with a wealth of new knowledge to teach!

Gavin remains busier than he would like to be, at least on the office work and home front, but he keeps plugging along and trying to prioritize wisely. His kids really love him and tend to mob him with requests for play when he enters the door after a long day. There's definitely no downtime for the poor guy! He loves the vast majority of what keeps him busy, however, so that's another big blessing.

More later . . .


David, who was left out of the last set of horse pictures due to connectivity issues, with Amanda
David feeding Jazzi
 Karen was trying to take a picture of all the quints and got this one really nice one:

The kids kept putting their waving hands in front of faces, so Karen told them to put their hands on their tummies. For some funny reason, in their little minds "hands on tummy" meant "sick to our tummies," so they started pretending to vomit! Hence the photo below which was too funny not to post. Hope it doesn't cause offense. :)

Gracie continues to be a silly girl, and Seth regards her with great amusement and affection. Marcie looks like she's overflowing with joy!:

The kids saw Uncle James (Natalie's husband) after an absence and ran to hug him, they were so happy to see him again!

Monday, July 11, 2016


The kids had a GREAT Sunday with Aunt Karen, Victoria and Amanda last Sunday. Only a few of the photos are included tonight due to a very slow connection, and I couldn't get any of David to load:

Gracie with Victoria

Healthy, happy Seth

Marcie's ecstatic greeting: Does she remind anyone of her namesake, Marcia Jones??? :)

Marcie's turn

Will seriously regards Jazzi the Horse

Will with Amanda on Jazzi

Life here is unusually busy for school break. VBS is going on. Seth and David especially love their leader, Aunt Natalie's uncle John. They talk about John a lot, like he's just the coolest adult alive! They are so incredibly cute running around playing with the other bigger kids. They are the youngest there and look so tiny!

Isaac is very busy with a friend visiting from another area of PNG, making the most of their one week together. Gavin is flying and working like mad, loving the people and places he encounters. I am working a lot of extra hours this week at the Clinic lab because a colleague is on holiday. Things should calm down next week . . . Meanwhile, we are happy and blessed, enjoying work, life together, and our darling kids here in this amazing country!

Love to all,

Monday, June 27, 2016

Way overdue update on Seth . . . and a trip to the Islands.

Thank you all for your prayers for our Sether (or "Seffers", as some of his siblings say.)   As of last Friday night (over a week ago), he started turning the corner.  Though he still was coughing a lot and needing a tiny bit of oxygen for a few more days, he was markedly better only hours after we sent out the call for prayer - praise God!

I (Gavin) left this past Tuesday for a 4-day trip to New Ireland, New Britain, and New Hanover, flying for five different New Tribes Mission families in several places in that large and remote chain of islands.  As always (but more so than normal), I was blown away by the beauty of this country-- and the harsh reality of trying to survive and thrive in it.

Incredible waterfall series near one of the NTM tribes

I keep thinking that I've seen the most brilliant rainbow ever -- then I see another . . .

The incredible reefs between new Ireland and New Hanover

Suited up and ready for ditching . . .  yes, the South Pacific waters are warm, but if I had to land in them, they'd get cool quickly-- thus the flight suit (and other flotation and survival gear).

Glenn and Jeff, the fathers of two families I moved to the bush.  They were all grubby after building 7 loads for the helicopter, which sprayed them with dirt every time I came in for a landing.

That waterfall is coming out of the mountain.  The river goes underground into a sinkhole a few miles away.

There's a small rainbow over New Hanover
Standing with Jon, the NTM missionary and many Mete Kavi speakers.  A New Testament translation was completed there several years ago and now he is involved in discipleship, teaching, and training, seeing fruit in exciting ways!

Dazzling reefs everywhere!

Mt. Ulawun or "The Father", an active volcano.  What a massive thing to fly so close to (on the upwind side).

Carrie left on Friday morning for a few days' break and to escort her parents to Brisbane.  Our Papua New Guinean friends handily looked after the kids during the hours she was gone and until I came back.  Though I'm having fun with the kids, I'm more than looking forward to having my wife back and doing this parenting thing as a team!

Heading to bed.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Seth is doing better

Thank you for praying! He's requiring no or very little oxygen, running and playing and eating and being goofy with his siblings. It's such fun to hear and see him back to normal, albeit with an oxygen cannula dragging behind him for the times he needs a bit of oxygen (as in sleep).

Please keep praying he's off by tomorrow, Lord willing, as his daddy leaves early Tuesday morning. I'm very encouraged, though, and praise God for how far He's brought Seth, in particular because Friday night it seemed he was really taking a turn for the worse again. I was thinking we'd have to be med-evaced on Saturday morning, but the Lord was very gracious and really did amazing work in his little body.

The other kids are all fine, thank God. I pray they stay so so that we can all enjoy Grandma and Grandpadad's last four days here!

Tonight Marcie put all the kids to bed, one by one, starting with Seth. She transferred his cannula to the small portable oxygen tank, then wheeled it to bed with him, telling him it was time to go to sleep. Then she put Gracie, Will and David to bed, one at a time, calling them "Honey" all the while, and lastly put herself to bed! What a little mother she is! I think it's funny they allowed her to parent them like that. :)

Love and gratitude,

On the way to the Clinic Saturday at noon. He checked out great!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Still on oxygen

Hi all,

Seth has caught a second cold (as have several of us), so he's still requiring oxygen, suctioning, prednisone and three inhalers. Thank you for praying for us, for strength and stamina and joy during a time that can be really wearing. I am SO glad my parents are here! I don't know how I would do this without them. God's timing is very merciful! They are here for one more week. Gavin is also an invaluable help, as always, but he leaves on a long trip to outlying islands on Tuesday, so I am praying Seth will be off oxygen by then. (Gavin is the one who takes the canisters to Aviation to refill them, for one thing.)

Grateful for good medical care where we live!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones