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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have GOT to eat 5,000 calories!!!

Warning: this is one of those extremely honest posts that some of you may rather not wade through, and I fully realize there are people with problems, pains, illnesses, and losses beyond comparing with this. I know because I am praying for several! And that does help put my concerns into perspective, but these 5 babies are extremely dear to me, and I am currently quite concerned for them.

I LOST a pound-and-a-half this past week, my stomach hasn't grown, and I'm feeling like I need some definite prayer support, please!!! Reading about other quintuplet moms online and in my books and hearing about how they diligently 5,000 calories daily, gained massive amounts of weight (like 90-120 pounds) and had big, fat babies at 33 and 34 weeks gestation is a huge motivator, but, honestly, also a big source of discouragement. PLEASE PRAY that our babies are healthy and big(ger) at their check-up on Monday, despite the discouraging set-back of this weight loss. I had given up on the 5,000 cal goal (from my twins, triplets and quads pregnancy book) because the one day I managed to get close (4,600) I lost it all again into the toilet due to over-fullness. Now THAT was discouraging.

I realize rationally this is something I really need to leave in God's hands, that He is in full control over my body and each baby's body, but I don't want to say that lightly and slough off my responsibility in this. This is perhaps the single greatest responsibility I've ever had because no one else can do it for me. (Although I appreciate the sweet offers to eat and sleep for me. I wish that would work!) I hate to think that my failure to persevere in this area would hurt these babies.

Lest some of you write and say, "It's okay, the babies will get what they need; the weight is coming off of you," well, with high-order multiples it's just not the same as with a singleton. Weight gain and calorie loading are absolutely critical for the babies, based on years of study involving hundreds of women and babies (triplets included). The most well-known, experienced high-order multiple doctor, John P. Elliot, will back me up, as will Dr. Barbara Luke, who has conducted the largest multi-center study on this. I would like to somewhat cattily point out that neither one of them has first-hand experience with being pregnant and sick or pregnant and running out of tummy space and eating 5,000 calories at the same time!! :) But their patients have borne out the discouraging truth and proven that women can do this. The question is, can I? Especially given my bad anemia that no treatment or food or supplement has been able to effectively treat yet? Lord, please strengthen us all and enable me to eat each day what YOU know these babies need!

Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks for being my "Aarons" and holding up my arms for me in this struggle (although I realize I'm no Moses, responsible for thousands of Israelites- thank goodness! Five little people is enough!). I'm so glad I'm never alone. Re-reading Hinds' Feet in High Places with an accompanying devotional full of Scripture is a great reminder of this (thanks Pastor George and Bernice!). And thanks, Curt and Lana, for being my "Aarons" with your deliciously fattening meal last night. I had more more of that potato casserole for breakfast with my Boost shake. :) The yummy meals people are bringing are a huge help and encouragement to eat, seriously. 

Love and thanks,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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