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Monday, January 14, 2019

Some photos from the past month and some funny quint quotes

I'm sure some of the quotes at the end of this post are ones I've shared before, but they still make me chuckle, plus we've had some new funny quotes the past couple of days.

Now for the month's photos, some from Texas and some from California:

Poor Daddy got sick with our N.C. cold! My sister and I tried to hug him all better!

Mom and me

Matching cousin PJ's! Only Gracie and David went on to CA with Gavin, so Marcie wasn't in this photo although she has the matching pair of soft footed pajamas.

In front of the CA family cabin's fireplace on New Year's Day

David learning archery!

In front of the family cabin - great memories here!

Taken while visiting with friends from Gavin's LeTourneau days

With our LeTourneau friends, trying to recreate the photo below. The kids have grown a little!

Will is our unintentionally funniest child, so the majority of these quotes are by him. He's just a quirky kid!:

Back in June, I asked Will to hold a box of cereal for me to help us carry everything through the terminal. His response: “No! I don’t want to hold it because then it will make me want to eat it and I don’t like it.”

In August, while traveling and staying at cousin Julie's house: “Mommy, are the pretend monsters that aren’t real not going to come into this room tonight?”

"No, buddy, the pretend monsters that aren’t real are not going to come into this room tonight" - trying not to laugh

“What about the other kind of monsters? Are they going to come into this room tonight?”

"No, no monsters are going to come into this room tonight."

Then . . . 

“What about all the other rooms?”

In November, regarding his toddler cousin who is small for her age but extremely verbal: "Hey, she can speak like a real human!"

Seth's quote from yesterday: 

“Mommy, were there any kind dinosaurs?”

“Well, yes, in the garden of Eden they were all kind.”

“But what about in the real world, not Eden? Was Argentinosaurus kind?”

“Yes, I think they probably were kind because I think they ate plants.”

“Maybe they were kind, but maybe sometimes they stepped on a paleontologist on accident and squished him because they didn’t see the paleontologist."

And David's from last night while getting ready for bed:

“Mom, none of these days are the best day of my life!” 

“Well buddy, it’s okay that not every day is the best one of your life.”

“But these days are all the worst days of my life!”

“Why are they the worst days? You’ve gotten to do lots of fun things today - children’s church [which they love], watching God stories on TV, playing at community group, and eating pizza! Lots of kids would be happy to do even one of those fun things!”

“It’s you and Daddy who make these the worst days of my life! You keep doing things that make me cry!”

“Like what, buddy?”

“Like telling me to give Marcie's snow tiger back to her!"

(WORST. PARENTS. EVER. I hope his future therapist laughs him out of her office . . . ) ;)

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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