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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

prayer answers Sept 18th

Thanks for praying! Seth's heart test showed improvement rather than increase in heart stress, and Gracie gained an ounce for the first time in days. Thank you, Lord!

Thank you for your continued prayers for both babies, particularly for Seth regarding his lung disease. All the numbers were better today, so we hope and pray this is the beginning of steady improvement and evidence of God's healing in his lungs. Please pray he remains infection-free and can be stress-free, pain-free, and continue to grow well and heal completely!

Grace is on more oxygen and the CPAP mask and is a bit sensitive to movement or touch still, so I pray she gets stronger and more tolerant so we can hold her longer and more. :) She looks and is indeed SO tiny compared to her siblings!

Weights: Will is 4 lb 9 oz, David is 3'13, Seth is 3'14 (heavier than David!), Marcie Jane is 3'10, and sweet Grace is almost 2'13.

Marcie Jane is on nasal cannula as of today and is doing GREAT, as are Will and David, and all three are on room air or just the tiniest bit of oxygen (Will). We pray this continues and they can start learning to eat by mouth next week! [They are still fed my milk by stomach tube. Will and David had their first tastes on their tongues and pacifiers today, thanks to the therapist who will help teach them to eat. Will was very interested and alert. David was not so sure. He seemed a bit concerned, furrowed brow, thinking about it. Wonder what I ate!]
Will loving his pacifier (I think he's gorgeous! I think they ALL are, of course!)

David trying out the taste of what's to come!
This picture of Will getting his pulmonary therapy (to vibrate loose lung congestion) shows how big our biggest baby is. Imagine: Grace is almost 2 lb LESS! No good pictures of her today, though.

I am really battling a BAD sore throat. Maybe because I stay up until 12:30 blogging. Off to bed - thanks for praying for me, too, and for the babies not to get it. I wear a face mask. No kisses. :(



  1. I will be praying for you as well today. Hope that your sore throat heals quickly. Would Oil of Oregano be an option with breastfeeding? God has used that to help our family out with sore throats.

  2. Nose spray for you will stop the drainage down your throat which most likely causes the sorenes and is safe for nursing mothers and not systemically absorbed. I have used Nasonex while nursing for years. And drink lots of water and hot decaf teas. We are praying. Gargling with salt water will also bring great short term relief. Keep inspecting throat with flashlight for any white areas which would mean bacterial likely--(WBT MK Mom to 14 children and 16 weeks pregnant with number 15 PTL! (10 birthed, 4 adopted (2 sets of twins! wahoo!) and seven babies in heaven,one ectopic like I believe you also experienced. We can trust God with everything!)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord, for answered prayer, and for your faithfulness! Please continue to bless these babes with continued progress and give Carrie the healing she needs for her sore throat. We praise you, Lord. Amen. NKL

  4. What precious babies they are. I will continue to pray for these little ones as well as the rest of your family.

  5. Try neil med sinus rinse. It will help clear out allergens like the ragweed that is currently growing in dfw right now.

    1. You may feel like you are drowning the first time. But if you stick with it you will notice a differenc. Also rhinocort and zyrtec were allowed while I nursed my Preemie twins (almost 7 mo old now!!).

  6. I was so thankful this morning as I read the blog of Gracie gaining an ounce as I had prayed for that specifically yesterday. I continue to pray for each one every day and that God receives all the Glory!!! What a blessing to pray for you all Marge in Ill

  7. You might want to get it checked out Carrie! I have heard of a lot of cases of strep throat recently.

  8. You might want to change Grace's weight to 2'13 instead of 12'13. I think that would be more realistic. :) Ha!!
    I pray everyday for each of the babies. Glad Gracie has begun to gain.

  9. They are so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing with us. Feel better soon!!


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Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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