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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quick Quint Update

I am so in love with these 5 tiny bundles of perfection! Obviously, my favorite times of the day are those I spend in the NICU. Thank God (and those who have been praying), while still very sore and waiting for my body to resume its normal functioning level, I'm able to walk around and feel much better when I do - a good "excuse" for going to the NICU 3 times today. ;) I kept thinking I was feeling them move as I slept last night, then would wake up so happy to know they are here and doing well. And then today the staff kindly and gently prepared me for reality, which is that NICU time is a roller-coaster of health and emotions (mine were definitely on the wild track today after blissful euphoria yesterday!). I just wept with Seth as he got an IV removed, his forehead all scrunched and his mouth open in a soundless wail. I know babies cry, but he is SO tiny and vulnerable it hurts me to see him upset at all, even though I know it's what's best for him and the staff are SO sweet and gentle and focused on "their" respective babies. We are honored and amazed to see how many people care deeply and personally. Some staff members, including the nurse practitioner doing the procedure, prayed about Seth's PIC line insertion prior to and during their work over him. Thank God, they got it in the right spot so he has more of a "permanent" nutrition injection apparatus that won't erode his tiny veins. The PIC lines go in the arm and up through the shoulder area and down to where the blood volume is high at the superior vena cava, just before it enters the heart (I think!). Gracie had her PIC line inserted already but it's not in quite the right spot, so please pray they can get it to go where it's supposed to - down instead of up. Marcie is having hers inserted right now, so we pray for success and for comfort for her. David will have his inserted soon, probably tomorrow. So far, big boy Will (who truly looks big compared to Gracie!) doesn't need another line. He and David and Marcie are still receiving little feeds of mother's milk along with their TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition, the components of food, including calories, injected directly into the blood).

 Thank you SO much for your prayers for these tiny lives. Their fragility is overwhelming sometimes, and I am so grateful that the God who flung the stars into space with perfect precision is also holding our five mini-children in His hands. The NICU staff says there are good days and hard days; take the good days (of which we've had two) and be grateful, and hold on during the hard days, trusting God is in control and watching over every last little function in their itty-bitty bodies. We crave your continued prayers. Despite all I've read on others' blogs and in books, it was impossible to gauge beforehand how truly heart-wrenching their struggles are and how very precious each one already is to us. No matter that there are five; we treasure them all! And I have to add as an aside that they are already much better-looking than yesterday. They're all tucked up into nice little bundles, and instead of wide open mouths they are sucking on their tubes and trying to lick up the biogel that is used to clean and moisten their mouths and lips. Oh, and I got to change and give Seth his biogel today! What a treat, although he's such a sensitive little soul even the diaper change upset him. I hope my voice was calming to him. Gracie, on the other hand, seems largely unphased and super tough and spunky. She's the one who sticks her tongue out and tries to eat the biogel. David is on his tummy tonight and looks utterly adorable (wish I had a camera when I went to visit last), and Will just kind of chills all the time. He's big and sleepy. :) Marcie is doing great; just praying she gets her PIC line in correctly. She has dark hair whereas Gracie has blond. Seth is our blondie boy; the other two have dark hair, especially Will. He has a surprising amount! They are ALL adorable and perfect in appearance, but I know I'm biased.

Thanks also for all the kind comments and congratulations. We'll try to answer your questions soon, but now it's bed time!

Love and gratitude,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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