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Monday, August 13, 2012

I love this article and its pictures!! Plus baby PRAISES

Thanks for your prayers regarding the press conference! We had a really fun time. We've been on at least 5 (are there more?) of the local channels. You can now Google us and read about us in Dallas, Houston, Sacramento, Chicago, World Magazine Online, and I'm sure many more of which I am unaware as I struggle to stay awake. All a bit surreal, but lots of fun, especially the following phone interview and article online: From the Daily Mail in London, UK The pictures of the babies (taken by the UT Southwester photographer) are so sweet! You can see that Will is the only one who looks like a "normal" baby thus far (and reminds me of how Isaac looked at birth), but of course each dear little face and body makes me miss them already. Sleep first. :) We prayed over each baby before we left the hospital this evening. I love the feel of their soft skin and tiny bodies.

I so appreciate the kind notes of encouragement, empathy, and assurances of prayer from complete strangers showing up on the blog now (and in the comments in response to World Magazine's online article).

And now for the really important news of the day!:

The babies were all still on the upswing when we left the hospital. Seth's breathing was improved, as was Gracie's, and each baby's ductus arteriosis (that open flap between large blood vessels near their hearts) is very small! Gracie's was quite large before her first round of medication, but she now doesn't need any more medication and has avoided surgical closure!!! HURRAY, THANKS for praying, and PRAISE the Lord! Many happy tears around here!

Please keep praying for the development of surfactant in each little lung, and that Seth will dirty his diaper. He's only partially digesting his food at this point, so they're applying a little encouragement at the other end to try and draw the milk through his digestive system so it develops well. Marcie Jane's PICC line insertion (last attempt) is going to be tomorrow because they wanted to give her a day off, poor little munchkin. Again, please pray the nurse practitioner will  successful!

I got to hold Marcie's pacifier in her mouth for a while, and goodness, that little girl likes to suck! She was crying slightly, and it felt SO good to be able to meet her little need for comfort. The nurses say she is super active. Gavin got to hold her up in his two hands - WOW, she is small! - while the nurse changed her bedding. Gavin also changed her dirty diaper while I looked on.

Grace was also really awake today and looking at us (probably just two big blurs in her vision), snuggled down in her favorite position - her side. :)

It's been a GOOD day. I am glad to be home with Gavin and Isaac, grateful for the help of Mom and Dad and those bringing meals and helping in other ways. I'm hoping to get some good rest tonight, and am very, very grateful for how the babies are doing. 

To God be the Glory,
Carrie for us all

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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