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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I thought we were off the roller coaster!

Hi everyone,

They say the NICU is the roller coaster ride of your life (and they were right!) but this tummy trouble of Seth's has been pretty nuts too. He had a really good day yesterday, very little vomiting, lots of happy playing and vocalizing. I kept thinking and saying, "He's like a real baby!" It made me realize how much his tummy must bother him most days, he's so much more sober and less active than the other babies. But yesterday he was just like the other ones; such fun!

The GI doc switched him to Neocate. So far, not good. In fact, much worse than the Elecare (both are amino acid based formulas with no protein of any kind in them.) We are planning to try goat's milk next if this doesn't work in the next 3 days or so. The doctor said it can take that long for his tummy to adjust. So I hope our doctor doesn't read this (ha, ha!), but I have a friend whose friend made her own goat's milk formula, adding the elements goats milk doesn't have that a baby needs. Lots of other people have weighed in too with suggestions on what to add to enrich it, and everyone is saying the same stuff, so that's good! :) I really, really want to avoid the surgery since it's irreversible!

Regarding our appointment on Thursday: After ten days Seth hadn't gained an ounce (still 12 lb 12 oz), but his primary care provider wasn't too concerned because his brain/head grew nicely. She said he's definitely not malnourished; he's still got some good fat stores. However, he DOES need to start gaining again! So please keep praying.

Lest any of you fear he is wasting away, here's a picture from his helmet imaging yesterday:

You can see his "sobriety" as he focuses on the whirling lights. He was the winner of the four (over Grace, Will and David) for the baby who sat the most still, but in the office he was a total cutie, playing with and gnawing on the toys and yelling with happiness and talking constantly.

Which reminds me: If anyone in this area (Dallas) happens to have used baby toys or can find them for good price at a garage sale, I'd love to buy them off of you! We don't have enough of the "explore" and play type, and they are already getting beyond some of the younger baby things (although we're still short of teething rings). I am looking for big, medium and small toys, just so long as they are for babies and not 3+ year olds. Thanks! :)

When we got home yesterday I put Seth in the Johnny Jump-Up, then David and Will both woke up, so I took them over to visit with their brother. Big brother was willing to get in on the action at least long enough for Gavin to get a picture, but not without being goofy, of course. ;) Actually, he did smile very nicely for a couple of other pictures, but the little boys weren't quite so cooperative, so I'm choosing the best one of the babies. Those are harder to get!

Isaac is very patient with all the babies' many and constant needs pulling us in all directions, and he tries to help out by running and fetching and entertaining. He's such a great kid! We are so proud of him.

Will and David have discovered each other and were lying facing one another on the floor this morning at Deb's, laughing at each other. So cute! All the babies gnaw on each other whenever they can find a sibling's hand or foot or arm.

Love to you all, with gratitude,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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