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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A few quick notes

Hi everyone,

I feel brain weary despite an awesome nap (THANK YOU, Mom and Dad Jones and Gail!), so I'll keep this brief.

Bottom line, we don't know what was wrong with Seth. He did not have any signs of respiratory infection, nor were they able to culture anything bacterial or viral. Our initial hypothesis that his tummy was bothering him turned out to be true. He was panting with discomfort, poor kid. With his scarred lungs it manifests a lot more visibly than it would in another kid with normal lungs, hence all the head bobbing and retracting. We still don't know what was/is really wrong with his tummy: he doesn't digest his milk very well despite it being the elemental amino acid formula (which is more digestible than even breast milk if I were to go dairy- and soy-free); his symptoms may have been due to Prevacid overdose after all; we'll probably never know! Just glad to be home. :) I really missed the other kids.

Will rolled over several times today! I think I mentioned David starting rolling a couple of weeks ago. Marcie seems to be getting close, and Seth immediately rolls to his sides when placed on his back. When we force Gracie to do tummy time she just cries. :} David has two teeth, as of last Thursday, and it appears one is coming through in Seth. What?! Isaac didn't get teeth until 6 months! The babies are now 4 months adjusted age.

Okay, that's my baby booking for today. Thanks so much for praying and caring and checking our blog! A few pictures follow.


Marcie (with Lynn) sporting her new outfit from Lynette. Who can resist zebras on the bottom?
(I'm sorry, the majority of the time I can't remember who gave us what anymore! It's terrible! This is a recent gift so has actually stayed in my memory for a few days. Our kids have the most adorable clothes, booties, caps and blankets thanks to many of you!)

We bought 160 jars and 15 boxes of baby food the other day! It's fun trying to spoon that in. Marcie is the "best" at eating solids, though Seth is doing pretty darn awesome at mouthing things, including the baby foods, thank God! He'll probably never take a bottle; he'll just go straight to solids and sippy cups.

From Seth's tummy time this morning at Children's - CLEARLY feeling better! When I was there yesterday he cried for nearly 4 hours straight. Sam was blessed with the fun version of him today. :) Thanks for praying he'd have a better night! The other babies did too, but still not great. (Sorry Lynnette! Hope you got a nap today!) We can't thank God and our friends enough for all the help.

I love this little outfit with matching cap. I'll get a picture of Gracie in it too.
(She was at her helmet appointment.)

And I saved the best for last. ;) Our kids have the coolest Papa in the world. He put these sunglasses from the Weaver kids on and did his best rapper impression with David. Do you love the finger signs?!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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