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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Huge answers to prayer!

Hi all!

Thanks so much for praying and for the sweet, encouraging comments and emails sharing good advice and personal experiences. Truly, we appreciate each one! There was something to be gained from every one. 

Everything got worked out astonishingly fast today, thanks to Seth's very low birth weight qualifying him for special assistance, and also thanks to the hard work of the social work and transitional care folks at the hospital.  Clearly God was answering prayers before I even knew our needs.

Everything seems to be coming into place for his discharge late tomorrow or Friday. The 56 hours of home care in addition to all the PT, OT and speech therapy the medical staff recommended had us wondering "How needy is this precious little guy?!? What are we in for?!?" The crying and large projectile vomiting spell last night also didn't help allay our concerns, needless to say. Thank God, today both Gavin and I were able to make it to the hospital in time for rounds and talk to the doctor and therapist face-to-face. They reassured us that while he has significant reflux, there are different feeding options to consider (including thickening formula with rice cereal) and left it to us to make those decisions in consultation with our pediatrician. They really don't want to change his diet so close to discharge, so he is coming home on enriched breast milk. We appreciate prayer for wisdom and guidance regarding his diet. He had another projectile vomit while I was trying to nurse him this evening as well as one good ol' spit-up right down my shirt earlier in the afternoon. :) Welcome to motherhood! 

The real icing on the cake today was how smiley, talkative and giggly Seth was while we were there. He was SO happy and interactive! We've never seen him like this. It was balm to our concerned parent hearts; clearly this child is not suffering. Plus, the occupational therapist showed us that he is achieving all the developmental milestones expected for a baby his adjusted age (nearly 3 months). [Adjusted age is the months since the babies' due date, which was November 3rd; "real age" counts from their birth date. Once they reach 2 years it won't matter much anymore.]
No more masks!! Mommy-kisses

Another blessing today, not to be undervalued, was/is the home babies' contentedness today and this evening. We had a really fun day and night: plenty of "aunties," a walk, baths, the Johnny-Jump-Up, a new swing, and lots of babbling and smiling. Clearly people are praying for us all! :) 

Marcie and David


Walk time! Gracie in back, Marcie Jane in front, Will in front of Marcie (off camera). All were sleepy.
The basket at the back is for Seth's oxygen tank. :) It was in the 70's today!

Clearly our babies are well loved and cared for!
Will was napping, but Marcie is on the left, David is facing the camera, and Gracie is having her" tummy time."


  1. As always, we Praise His Grace for each of us and especially this family! How blessed we are to have a Father that cares so deeply for His children! Prayers answered! So happy to hear about all the positive events today in Seth's condition/care and also very happy to hear you had a home filled with content and happy babies! Bless you all...prayers continue!

  2. Praise God! I was waiting for this post, knowing after last nights discouragement that God was going to do something big. He is the Great and Mighty One. We prayed for you all at our Primary school staff prayer time this morning.
    Jo Miller

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Lord, for all Your Blessings and answering these prayers and meeting Seth's needs. How awesome You are! Amen. NKL

  4. Such a wonderful report! Yay! I'm so happy that everything worked out with Seth's continued healthcare needs!

  5. Praise be to God for all the great encouraging news. I have been praying that Seth would make great strides healthwise when he is able to be home with the rest of the you! I am praying that even the doctors would be amazed by the progress he makes!! I am so excited for him to come home with all of you! The pictures of Issac and the babies are so adorable. May God richly bless you and it is amazing to see how he has worked all of the financial difficuties out!!


  6. Praise God for answered prayers! It's encouraging to you and also to those of us standing with you. We are continuing to pray that Seth will keep down his food and that his transition will be a very special reunion with his womb mates. Be blessed with patience and the help that you need when you need it!

  7. Thank you Lord for answered prayer! We prayed for you last night at Westminster EPC Church in southern West Virginia. This is more evidence that He is faithful to His people. It will be wonderful to get this little one home with his siblings. May God bestow His richest blessings on you in the days to come.

  8. Oh what a difference a day can make! I'm so glad God blessed you with this day to encourage you after the last one. Praying for all the details of Seth's homecoming and for you to feel strengthened for the transition. Can't wait to see pictures of all 5 together - so many answered prayers in one photo!

  9. Praise God!!! I can't wait for the homecoming story and photos. BTW, we also used rice cereal. I used to laugh and say we fed the baby pudding. That is what it looked like. There was so much cereql in it that it looked like pudding, but the different formula made his tummy not hurt and cereal made it stay down, so it was great. You will find an answer that will help Seth keep down his food. I know bringing him home is so exciting and yet a bit scary, but you will be fine. God is always with you and he will give you all you need to see it through. You are an amazing family. I want tot hank you again for sharing this journey with all of us. It is a most uplifting experience.

  10. Praise God , Praise God,,,, I can't believe all the things the babies are doing, They are Adorable .. It's amazing to see them sitting supported, in the jumping bouncer....I just remember how the were 4 months ago....Praise God, for his Faithfulness..... And the "Little Fighter" isn't so little anymore...HE'S COMING HOME !!!!, with the all help he needs!!! You two are so Blest.. Seth is so Beautiful..I love the way he looks at you... I would love to just reach through the computer and hold him and his brothers and sisters...It must be tough, but there must also be tremendous Joy in your hearts...God always has your whole Family in his hands.....


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Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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