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Friday, January 4, 2013

maybe not . . .

The docs are now hesitating to make a decision to put the g-tube in Seth since he ate really well (2 oz.) his first feeding today. However, he also spat up the small amount he took by bottle at the next feeding, so Gastroenterology came and assessed him and gave him the official diagnosis of acid reflux. He's already on an antacid but perhaps can benefit from a change in formula, hopefully mixed with breast milk, since the formula change is what turned things around for the 3 babies here at home (all but Grace, who has spit-ups but not anything painful or distressing or stopping her from eating).

Please pray for wisdom as Gastroenterology and Neonatology discuss the options and make the best decision for Seth. They are doing a "swallow test" on him tomorrow to make sure he isn't choking some of his food down the wrong pipe when he's trying to swallow. He's uncoordinated in his suck and swallow and could possibly be aspirating the milk, which of course could lead to aspiration pneumonia.

Whew! On that note, I am heading to bed. So much more to say, so many pictures to attach, so late at night . . .  ;)



  1. Maybe the new formula will work like a charm and he will not need the g-butoon. Knowing Seth and how God has worked so many amazing miracles with him this would not surpise me at all. I will keep praying. God Bless you all.

  2. Things are always changing (diagnosis, formulas, diapers (smile)) but the one constant and never changing factor is God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and His grace is sufficient. I'm sure you can tell me much more about that than I can tell you!!

    Love to all,

    Gail Boemker

  3. Putting on the brakes in a decision that you thought was already made happens a lot with Doctor's, especially dealing with kids. They had us all set, ready, trained etc. when they had decided to put a trach in our little baby grandson. We arrived early in the PICU that morning and literally 30 minutes before surgery they called it off. We wanted Zeke HOME and they told us the only way that would happen was with the trach. We were upset, angry, confused etc. But, in the end they were right. They did some other minor changes and he improved....after another month he DID come home....minus the trach! Patience and prayer, prayer and patience....Seth too WILL come home. My prayers for him and you continue....

  4. Has anyone suggested a cranio sacral therapist? It could be monumentally changing at this point in the game for Seth. Especially on the bottle sucking. The research on this type of therapy is amazing and really worked wonders in oir lives! God Bless all of you and lay his healing hand on those precious little ones!

  5. Father, we ask only that Your Will be done, but we are praying that it be Your Will for Seth to improve and for the doctors to make the right decisions regarding his care. Please bring Seth to full health and allow him to go home without additional surgery and eating and breathing well on his own. Thank You for your continued mercies and blessings. Asking all this in Your Son's precious name and giving You all praise and honor. Amen. NKL

  6. Lord, thank you for all the miracles you have done for little Seth. We ask that you would continue to strengthen and heal him and that he would soon be ready to go home. Please help Carrie and Gavin as they ride this roller coaster of uncertainty and change. Help them to relax in the knowledge that you are in control. Amen.

    P.S. As I typed that prayer I realized I was quoting the motto from Jungle Camp in Mexico long ago-- "Calmness in uncertainty and change."

    With love and prayers from a colleague in Arizona.

  7. Praying for Seth and all his caregivers as they assess him and try to make the best possible decision! Such a roller coaster...but he's come such a long way!


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