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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The flight

I feel like this post title should be in all caps as it has been stalking our minds, off and on, for over two years now. :) We're just unutterably grateful it could become a reality.

Where to begin??? Thanks so much for praying! We needed it desperately and felt it mightily! There were a few rough patches, but the kids really did remarkably well. Will was pretty crazed out of his mind on the airplane the last few hours (flinging himself around, yelling, etc. - fortunately the lights were up and breakfast was being served), but he survived our first day in Brisbane without too much incident. I told Gavin I would rather do our flight with the quints 20 or maybe even 50 times over than do the one 10-hour flight with Isaac from Hawaii to Singapore again when he was their age (Benadryl backfired!). :} So that expresses how well it really went. Busy, and with nowhere near the amount of sleep we thought we'd have from them, but the Lord was gracious and they did a good job interacting and relaxing with our amazing helpers. 

Oh, one of the biggest praise items was that between the quints, the sheer number of people it took to transport the quints and all the luggage, the luggage itself, and the absolutely spell-bound reaction to the "ride-on carry-on" seats, we were waved through Customs with not even a glance at our bags! "Just go on through," the head officer said while every one of the agents looked on and smiled. Hooray for quints and God's mercy to those who have them!! :)
Various precious friends made us special toys and kits for the airplane. Marcie loved this clasp board so much she fell asleep with her fingers still on a little bolt. :)
Seth and Mickey, the dearest little dog!
Marcie losing her pants

Marcie in the little car
Gracie and David in the play house

Isaac slept and slept and slept the first day here! He didn't sleep much on the plane at all. Too much exciting seat-back entertainment! (Megan, notice what he has next to him??)

Safely ensconced in a large, comfortable home in Brisbane, we are overflowing with busy little blessings who are really happy exploring and playing with the three placid, friendly, patient doggies, the trampoline, the huge yard, and all the new places to explore like a little playhouse on stilts.  The family is lovely, and the four kids all love little kids and are a huge help when they get home from school around 3:30. Isaac enjoys their kids, too.

They have chickens, so the kids enjoyed visiting them and watching them be fed.

Our hostess is feeding us every meal! Breakfast and lunch is self-serve, but she's making us dinner each night. Amazing blessings!

The area we have in which to live is huge! There are five bedrooms and a large central room. The four kids completely moved out to make room for us. The two boys are camping in the yard! I am sleeping in one room with Will so I can pat him if he wakes up and freaks out. Gavin and Isey are together in another room, Seth and Grace are in with Deb, Ray and Dee are on their own until babies call, and David and Marcie are together.

Gavin was commenting how much calmer David has been than we expected. Prayers at work! He struggled the most, though, last night between 2 and 4 a.m. when the kids took turns being wakeful and miserably tired. We all got through it, however, and the kids slept until late morning (all but Will, who was only awake a bit at night).

Things I see in the host family's pantry that are Ukarumpa Store items as well make me think, "We're nearly home!" I'm sure it won't be all roses, but so far this has been such a blessed, joyous trip and time!

Love and deepest gratitude to God and to all you who love and pray for us,


Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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