But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Attempt at missionary humor, plus some serious stuff

You know you're a missionary when . . . 

while washing your gallon freezer Ziploc bag you groan over a ripped one because now your precious stash is depleted
it just seems right that a colony of ants has made their home in your cordless telephone while you've been in the U.S. "Ah, good ol' PNG!"
you watch an episode of Bonanza for a fun-filled evening
your baby son [David] gets covered in the engine oil used to dip fence posts to repel bugs
you're proud that your baby girl [Marcie] comes inside drenched, proving she's not afraid to play in the rain and mud - a nearly ever present reality here
a cloudy/rainy day means you can't wash the heavy blankets that desperately need washing
everything smells moldy, and the moldy smell makes it seem more like home
you spend $35 on 12 rolls of imported U.S.-made toilet paper (Yes, you read that right. I am ashamed to admit it.) because you calculate it down to the price per two-ply sheet - no mean math feat - and find it's the best deal at the store at the time. (I later found local-made toilet paper for 70 cents per roll, but not before I gave a passing thought to using dried banana leaves.) 
you are tempted to literally cry over spilt milk because a 25 kilogram bag costs $246 (Will dumped the huge milk pitcher.)
[Aside: You know you're a missionary mom of quintuplet toddlers when you buy powdered milk in 25 kilogram bags!!]

I'm sure I'll think of more of these. These are the ones that came to mind as I was washing dishes and Ziploc bags, and they made me smile. 

Seriously, now: All five babies are still really sick and frequently miserable and clinging. It's so hard to be "enough" for them! I feel like I physically can't be, so I am praying for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit to know which needs to meet in what order. Thanks for praying for me and for Gavin. We definitely need prayer for endurance, patience and compassion. Here's an example: You FINALLY comfort and attend to Child A enough to help him stop crying, are starting to send him back to play reasonably happily so that you can clean up the kitchen, then he hits his head hard on the corner of the table on the way to the living room. Argh!! :}

Gracie sounds pretty bad and isn't satting well, but she isn't bad enough to need oxygen. She was actually tested for pneumonia today, but it's not bacterial even if it is pneumonia, so it can't be "cured" by an antibiotic anyway. Seth is doing a lot better, acting normal and eating a lot better, but he's still on a little bit of oxygen. He is tending to need more in the mornings when his lungs are all gunked up, less in the evening when everything has been cleared out. He has viral pneumonia in his left lung. We have a portable oxygen concentrator on the way from Australia. It should arrive Thursday or Friday (when Lord willing we won't need it anymore!), and in the meantime we're using the oxygen that a colleague from Aviation VERY kindly drove to the port city to retrieve! Gavin didn't have to go after all. Gracie woke up vomiting, so I was glad he could stay home. 

We are very blessed. We love this community. We adore our children. Gavin is excited to get back to work on Monday, and I am really enjoying my PNG friends (and their invaluable help!). There is nowhere else we would rather be. Thanks for lifting us up to the Throne! We desperately need it and feel it, as always.


P.S. Finance people, we could sure use you here!!! The Finance Department is really getting into a bind personnel-wise. Write us at our jonesquints@yahoo.com address for more details.

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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