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Friday, September 20, 2013

The days are just PACKED!

The "Calvin and Hobbes" fans among you will appreciate the title of this post. Isaac is really into those comic books now and gives us some laughs when he shares his favorites with us.

But seriously, it's true. Sorry this is such a late update. Seth is doing great as far as being happy and acting healthy and getting everywhere and playing like crazy, but he's still wheezing some and satting lower in the mornings. We are getting our own nebulizer, so that ought to help. This cold caused his respiratory passages to really inflame and swell. Isaac had a virus that did that once, too, putting him on inhalers for a few weeks. I remember it happening to me as a jr. higher, as well, so I am hoping the morning wheezing is just associated with this particular cold and not longterm asthma. We'd appreciate prayer for that.

Speaking of which, thanks for praying that the traumatic deep suctioning event would not set Seth's eating/drinking back. It certainly has not had any apparent effect! He seems willing to eat just about anything, and he drank an ounce of chocolate milk for Sam the other day. He'll sip on things for me, too.

The kids are cute and busy and keep us on our toes! I tried to do it for a couple of hours by myself yesterday morning as my normal helper was out of town. Not a raving success by any means. :} I just can't keep my eyes on all five at once while meeting each baby's needs and doing Seth's treatments! So I thank God for providing continued help. He obviously knows I need it, too! I'm so grateful He knows ALL our needs!

Gavin is doing better; thanks for praying for him and his encouragement, and patience and stamina for us both. :)

Finally, some pictures!:

Happy David! He was definitely the most affected by the craziness of having Dad gone and Seth in the hospital. He is SO much happier and less insecure now that we are all together again.

Gavin and mini-Gavin

A cute one from the hospital
Gracie - in a boy's onesie. Oops! Marcie is in the distant background eating dirt. Oops again!

Gracie again

Marcie - yes, with dirt on her mouth.  
Marcie enjoying a bubble bath; dirt's all gone!

David, our funny little walker
Marcie and Will enjoying the porch. The days are much cooler now, thankfully!

Seth hooked up to oxygen and the feeding tube, but enjoying Don and Sandi's pool nonetheless!

Such a happy little guy! (Seth again)
Goodbye for now! (Gracie yet again)

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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