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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A new backyard to explore and "hang out" in! (Plus more about the trip here.)

I hope the babies' semi-nakedness doesn't offend anyone, but it was hot here today in the Central Valley. Marmi and Papa's shady backyard was a welcome refuge and play area for the quints and for us all. I feel like it's vacation, honestly, and am really enjoying just playing with the babies and visiting with family and friends here.

Gracie in Papa's swing
Marcie and Will, who is still sick. He just acts miserable most of the time.
Please pray for our big guy! No one else seems affected at all. 

Little Miss Grace and her adoring sister who still calls her "Baby"

Water table fun! Marmi helps Will undress while Seth and a still-clad David enjoy the fun.

All the kiddos: Gracie closest to the camera, Marcie behind Will to the right.
 The kids didn't do great last night. David, Marcie and Will were up at 5:45 screaming. They finally went back to sleep, thankfully. Despite the less-than-perfect day yesterday and night last night, the kids did really well overall at church during a special "meet and greet" time. They were super busy and active (and Will was fussy), but it was WONDERFUL to get to see you CPC'ers who were able to make it. You bless us hugely! Most importantly, Gavin's grandma Murmps finally got to meet all her great-grand-quints. :)

Nap time this afternoon was pretty disastrous/non-existent for Marcie and Will. They are just really thrown off. The other three did better, although not great. Our afternoon visitors were incredibly patient and helpful with them all! Thanks SO much for coming, C&C!

Okay, a couple more flight photos with elaboration on what Gavin already posted:

David playing with the lights on the flight. He, Marcie and Seth went to various people throughout the flight.  Will and Gracie just stayed with me. Will was pretty much just miserable the whole time, crying off and on in my lap, and Gracie played and talked happily and looked at books. She only slept about 15 minutes, and Will only slept about 20. David didn't sleep at all the entire day, Marcie napped a bit, but Seth won the award with a whopping 1.5 hour nap. I couldn't believe they didn't sleep more. They were so exhausted they were stumbling through the terminal before they even boarded the flight! And this was the 2nd airplane we had to board as the first one had to be returned to the gate, checked by maintenance, then removed from service because of a broken water system. After about an hour-and-a-half of sitting there we all filed off again, made our somewhat chaotic way to a different gate, waited around for a while (see the photos of the kids on the carts - thank God those were there!), then boarded a new plane. We're so grateful for understanding passengers all around us. Many were helpful, as were the flight attendants. That's a specific answer to prayer for the kindness of strangers.

A few people have asked me about response to the earplugs/cookies/photo packages we passed out. They seemed to go over well. We didn't actually see anyone use the earplugs, but at least they were there if needed! Really, the kids didn't scream continuously by any means. There was an occasional squawk, and Will definitely let it be known that he was miserable especially on descent with his ears, but their combined fussiness didn't equal some of the crying I've experienced from ONE baby on other flights I've been on. (Those poor parents!)

Make way for ducklings! This was on the way back to the terminal to change planes when our first one was grounded. Grandpadad has Gracie on a leash, Will walks ahead, Marcie is next to her sister, and Seth is proudly and very deliberately carrying his own leash. David was way ahead with Gavin. Their little backpacks are a comfort to them, too, as well as carrying a few prized items. 

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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