But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feisty, fit and nearly free(?)

Forgive this very late update. I started updating this morning with the wonderful news that Seth was off oxygen, but then his CPT shook some junk in his chest loose which clogged up some portions of his lungs again (or "shifting adelectisis") and actually ended him back up on more oxygen than yesterday! However, the doctor suspected it would be short-lived, that the medications and his immune system would continue to clear him out, and that he'd wean back down again quickly, Sure enough, praise God, he's back down to 1/10th of a liter and doing great. They will try to take him off overnight. I pray he does well enough to come home tomorrow!

He's still on the prednisone, and BOY, can we tell! He is WILD and WOOLY, crazy, loud, aggressive, easily frustrated, determined to get into everything, "talking" constantly, waving and saying bye-bye to the medical staff (including a version of the Royal or pageant wave), and utterly personable and hilarious! It's such fun to see him like this. He's super exhausted from having so much interrupted sleep, plus he's getting stir-crazy from being stuck in this room, so he's also ultra-grumpy, which isn't as much fun. Poor Sam is spending the night with him again. My dear mother took a shift last night. 

David and Will, thank God, are all better today, so I think things are looking up! I was surprised by how exhausted and discouraged I was yesterday in the late afternoon/evening, but Jehovah Jireh provided help via friends and family at the hospital and at home, not to mention Thera taking Will and David overnight. I was a bit concerned they would feel too insecure (David screamed and scrambled into my arms the second he saw me a couple of days ago.), but it turned out to be exactly what they needed. They had a great time exploring a new place and playing with new toys and slept soundly all night (which is more than Marcie did at home - I should have farmed her out instead, ha, ha!). Even better, the night away made the boys LESS clingy rather than more! They were so happy to get out and away for a bit.

I'm really glad I kept the girls together because they love talking and laughing when they are going to sleep and then when they wake up in the morning. They are so happy in there together! They also love hanging together around the house. Last night I gave Gracie half a cookie, then set her down on the other side of the kitchen baby gate from Marcie, who was whining to be let into the kitchen too. I knew Grace would distract her. Sure enough, I was able to walk away and keep doing my own thing at the sink/stove, all the while hearing the girls talk and squeal and giggle. When I walked back over, the cookie had made it to the other side of the gate into Marcie's hand, and both girls were happily covered with chocolate while the floor was covered with crumbs. :) Marcie gave me her huge smile in triumph, and Grace seemed very happy to have shared with her. It's so cute watching them crawl side by side as they "fight" over an object, passing it back and forth. Darling little sisters! 

Today Will took a small toy from David, and David took it back, and Will was so frustrated he grabbed David's onesie and pulled him over! That's the closest thing to real retaliation I've seen yet. Alas, our children are not exempt from The Fall either. :} We sure pray frequently for their salvation, that they will recognize their need for a Savior at a young age, Lord willing, and accept Him and follow Him all the days of their lives and dwell in His house for ever (23rd Psalm). I pray goodness and mercy will follow them all the days of their lives, not just the Lord's goodness and mercy TO them but also flowing THROUGH them to others. I love the idea of each of our children spreading His goodness and mercy, leaving much blessing in their wake each day, week, month, year, for as long as they are here on earth. I think their little lives have already been used in that way; no matter they are unaware of it. I know Justin, Emily and Per's lives have spread His goodness and mercy very broadly indeed.

Love and thanks,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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