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Friday, October 19, 2012

Steroids needed

Hi again,

Due to some worsening of Seth's lung x-ray and blood gases necessitating higher machine settings (beyond the "poop crisis") the Neonatolagist has ordered more steroids to try to reduce the inflammation of Seth's lungs and allow for weaning of both machine and oxygen. Please pray!! Also, we ask God's protection over his brain as the steroids can cause cerebral palsy and inhibit brain development. At this point the benefits outweigh the risks, they feel.

Thank you,


  1. Don't worry too much about having David home. I found having my one home so much easier than the NICU. Infinitely, actually. What I guess that means for you is that, as long as his belly is full and his pants are clean, sweet little David will be happy to be toted around in his car seat to see his brothers and sisters.

    The hardest part will be the nights. We demand fed ours and she fed every 2 hours start to start, each feed lasting 45 minutes. And even though there were many tears at the time, in the end she averaged gaining 250g a week, snd one week gained an entire pound! At 6 months, after being born at 4 pounds 4 ounces she weighed as much as an average 6 month old and now, at 2.5, she is in the 65th percentile for weight and the 88th for height!

    See, no matter how hard it seems at the time, God is ALWAYS there.

    I've told my husband all about you and he too is thinking of baby Seth.

    Sarah, Bob, Lily (our 32 weeker) and Archer!

  2. Praying for continued wisdom for the medical staff, strength and peace for Seth and a quiet mind for you both. Prayers continue......

  3. Dear God,
    In Jesus' Name, please put your hand of healing and protection on Seth... and your hand of peace on his family.


  4. So thankful Seth is feeling some better and I will keep praying for that special little man. Congratulations on David coming home! It will be exhausting taking care of everyone and also, as I'm sure you know, one of the best times in your life.

  5. Praying and spreading the word. Trusting in Him. Gwen

  6. Just checking in tonight - what a day you've had! Praying for sweet Seth and for Gracie, too. Praying for endurance for you as you prepare to welcome David home! I can't imagine how many things you must have to think about every moment, but I know that God's grace is big enough to cover you all.

  7. I've been following your blog since hearing about the birth of your precious babies, and I've been praying daily (sometimes hourly) as you've endured the roller coaster that is NICU. To give you some encouragement for your sweet Baby Seth, our 21 year old was once a 2 lb 7 ounce preemie. He was part of a trial for nitric oxide, and was on it for 7 weeks and 2 days. He needed steroid treatment for his lungs. He suffered brain bleeds and all sorts of setbacks.
    Today he's a 6 foot 6 inch happy, healthy college senior. His athetoid type cerebral palsy is so mild that most people don't realize he has it. His lungs aren't perfect but they are so much better than they were. He had many, many pneumonias requiring hospitalization, but he hasn't had pnuemonia since he was 12 years old. He's able to participate in sports and leads a very active lifestyle.
    He has a hearing loss, which made it a little harder to acquire speech, but we were diligent with both the exercises that the speech therapist assigned and with incorporating sign language into our lives, and he is extremely articulate (president of both debate team and improv club in high school).
    His eyes were damaged, but as a little guy he wore his glasses and now contacts.
    He needed physical therapy, occupational therapy, and adaptive PE, but he learned to do everything that all his friends could do.
    He has a pretty profound learning disabilty of dyslexia and dysgraphia, but with accomodations he graduated high school with honors and is now in the honor college at an elite east coast school where he has made Dean's list all but one semester so far.
    We named him James. He taught us to truly "consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds..." His life is a testimony to our Heavenly Father's faithful, abundant, generous answers to prayer.

  8. Praying for all.. Praise God for his many wonderful blessing. yay Davids going home today...



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