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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Critical period

Hi! Sorry so silent for the last few days. It's a bit tricky to have kids in two hospitals and Isaac at school and home, plus, praise God, there have been no emergencies. However, I want to ask for prayer for Seth the next few hours and days as his nitric oxide has been discontinued and his little lungs need to adjust. He was very touchy and de-satted quite easily with touch, noise and light yesterday when they weaned his nitric a bit more; today's discontinuation could be more upsetting to his system. Then, we pray he will be able to receive less oxygen support and that his lungs will heal enough so as to need less pressure to keep the tissues from sticking together. Thank you for joining with us!!!

Baby shower tonight - what fun! I am working on a video/photo presentation for it which we will post a link to later.

And David is getting more vigorous and strong - he needed a blood transfusion which perked him right up. So he may be home in days! Will most likely won't be far behind. He was almost 7 pounds last night, but he still needs oxygen occasionally. Grace needs the most help with the oxygen cannula flow and amount; Marcie is learning to take just one bottle a day without tiring out too much.

Thanks again for ALL you do to bless us! An most especially for your prayers.

Love in Christ,


  1. Thank you so much for posting an update. I kept telling myself no news is good news and it was. We will continue to pray especially for Seth and we pray for each member of your family every day. God Bless you all.

  2. Thanks for the update! !
    Have a great time tonight. There will be many of us there in spirit since we can't fly in for it. Judith

  3. Gracious Lord, please keep Seth in the palm of Your Hand today. Help him to adjust to the discontinuation of the nitric oxide and the changing settings, and most especially help his lungs to heal. We praise You for how far the babies have come since their birth, but they each still have issues to overcome before they get to go home, Lord. And we pray that Your Will would be to give them the strength and growth they need to be with their family. Help Carrie and Gavin as the have so much to do to keep up with all their children. We pray for blessings of time and energy and resources to accomplish all they need to do for their family. Thank You for Your continued mercies and grace. Amen. NKL

  4. Oh, Almighty Father, we bring Seth to you Altar, of Grace, Mercy, and Healing,,Please We ask you to fill Seth with Your Peace that Passes All Understanding, as he goes through these transitions with his lungs, Heal his lungs Heavenly Father...And soon Father may he be calm so he may feel his Mother's and Father,s loving touch again.....And Father Bless the other babies with ,healing they need to come home in your time,,, Bless the baby shower today, and give Carrie and Gavin all they need to care for and raise the babies....We ask for Blessings for Isaac too.. Amen

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda! We wore our quint baseball caps that night and decorated the cake tables with the babies' - there was a boys table and a girls. Please tell your mom thank you SO much for the quilts! Thank you both for everything. :)

  5. I will certainly continue to pray with a bit of extra "umph" for Seth. Know you are in so many hearts, minds and prayers. Enjoy your fun time tonight at the baby shower.

    Father, Seth is having difficulty with touch....but I know in my heart that You are not only touching him but holding Him in your warm and loving arms. Thank You for that, thank You for all the babies many blessings, we ask humbly that You continue to heal them all and keep them safe. In Your name we ask these things...Amen..

  6. Besides my "planned" daily prayers for your precious family, I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit for those nudges to offer up quick flash prayers. Like last weekend, when we were touring an antebellum home in Natchez, MS - when I learned that the current residents have a son named Seth, both the teenage Seth & precious baby Seth were prayed for. Thank you, Holy Spirit. I had been thinking about coming to the baby shower, since I'm just over a half hour away, but a scratchy throat will keep me away, I promise! Know that you are cared for and prayed for and so many of us will be with you in spirit tonight! Hugs to Isaac and congratulations for his award!

  7. Praying every single day - thank you so much for these updates!

    A follower in Virginia

  8. It can be so unpredictable. My daughter was planned to come home on 10/16/09 and did not make it home till 11/14 due to developing hypertension, bradying during feeds from swallowing issues, and an infection. Her brother, who struggled much longer than she did to master nippling and breathing without extra Os, actually made it home 4 days before she did!

    Will continue to pray for you and the little ones.


  9. Praying for all. Hope you had a great time at your shower.

    Gods blessings

  10. Prayers for Seth and his little lungs to become big & strong lungs!!!

  11. I have been following you guys, and am very encourged by your family. My husband and I plan to be in Ukarumpa in June of 2013... my in laws are the Gibello's and my father in law said that he has spoken to your husband. I have been praying and thinking of your family. I have two children 16 months a part and think that they can be a little much! I do have a question what did you take for malaria while in png? if anything? also I want to send you something so it will be coming in the mail soon. Melissa Gibello...(our blog pngorbust.blogspot.com)

  12. Carrie,
    It's Abby (i brought you dinner last night :)). I have a baby rocker seat, a vibrater seat & a bath seat. Could you guys use any of them? If so shoot me an email.



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