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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last day of Autumn photos!

I guess November 30th is kind of the last day of Fall, right? It felt like it for me; I feel very "Christmassy" now. Yesterday the kids and I went to Naomi the babysitter/friend's house, and Megan, her daughter, had the fabulous idea of raking leaves to let the babies play in. They had fun (except David did not want to get in the pile), and we got some truly gorgeous pictures as a result thanks to Naomi's photography skills and great camera!

David is getting harder to pin down long enough for a picture, and he was feeling very out of sorts yesterday. Apologies for the lack of David pix in this post. :)

As an aside, the kids are talking more. They all say "uh-oh," (Seth's sounds like "uh-uh"), Marcie says "hi-i-i" (drawn-out long "i" sound), they all can say "bye-bye" but usually don't on cue, Gracie loves to say "nigh-nigh" for "goodnight," Will says "All done!" or "done done," and David and Marcie like to say "dog" or "dog-dog" and bark like one. They do a great dog imitation! Both Will and Marcie have said "Ishak" (for Isaac), and Will said "Ishak" with a wave bye-bye, as though he were recalling that Isaac was gone. [Gavin and Isaac arrive back Tuesday; the wedding and time with his side of the family was wonderful!] The cutest and latest thing is Gracie soberly shaking her head no, with due gravity, when we tell her no: "Don't smear your food around! Don't eat the dirt!" I love that very deliberate, slow head-shake, like she can't believe she dared to do what was forbidden.

Gracie also used the "more" sign today to let me know she wanted to hear more music from the music box I was holding. She, David and Will all do the "all done" sign, but it's kind of pointless for Will now that he says it out loud.

Okay, pictures!

Beautiful little tiny Grace-Face!

Gorgeous Seth enjoying the swing - but not smiling for some reason!

Pretty Marcie LOVED the falling leaves Megan would toss on her! Grace and David in background.

Handsome Will loves exploring the world with his walking. I can't tell if he's holding that leave or if it's just stuck to him. 
Megan and Gracie, who adores her! Two beautiful girls!

Seth in the foreground. Again, Gracie seems very contemplative. (She missed her afternoon nap!)

My new favorite picture ever of Seth??

Will, David and Marcie. Whenever we take Will places, people ask if he belongs to the rest of the babies, or if he was born earlier or is someone else's child. I feel like we need to affix a sign to his seat on the stroller!

Will was gleeful in the swing!


Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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