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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

As requested . . .

Several people have asked me to post a picture of Kenneth, my brother, so they can see what Seth might look like when he grows up. Answer: Handsome!!! :) Kenneth is the one right in the middle, behind my dad. My beautiful sister-in-law is the blonde, and my beautiful baby sister is the brunette, next to her super fun husband. I love my whole family! We are so blessed.

Two girls in a box. They love boxes! Marcie (in the pink, thanks LyneĆ© and Mrs. Ward!) has been ADORABLE with her elongated "Hi-i-i-i-i!" when she sees someone or something she's excited about. Yesterday it was Seth's therapist. She said a very happy "hi-i-i-i," then climbed into her lap, gave her a hug and laid her head on her shoulder. Then a few minutes later she was waiting for me to put her jacket on by the back door. Right then David walked through the door, and she said another super excited "hi-i-i-i!" and pulled him into her for a hug, laying her head on his tummy. 

David was SO funny this morning when I was sorting through big girls shoes to pack away; he kept taking them to Miss Ellen to put on him. He wore two different shoes and had Ellen switch out the ones he was wearing (below) when he found a shoe he liked better.

This one is blurry because Marcie was moving too fast, but I wanted to include it to show that she is already a little dress-up queen! She pulled these pink fleece pants out of the hamper and put them around her neck. She does that with the funniest things, like she thinks having something around her neck means she's wearing it and looking pretty. She also loves to put on shoes, and  yesterday she chose to wear one white and one pink shoe with a kitty on it. She must have thought two different girly shoes make her feet twice as nice to look at!

It's a good thing Gracie is such a sweetie, because she gets a lot of "abuse" from her brothers. Here's David stealing her pacifier. (I got her another one.)
Seth is looking pretty cute in this photo, too! They were watching his therapist leave.

Will with a mohawk his Grandpadad gave him in the tub

Not sure what this face was about, but it's pretty funny!

Marcie can make block towers up to five blocks high. She is very intensely concentrated on tasks like this. She, David, Grace and Seth all like stacking rings, too, and using the shape-sorter. Will likes to yell and scatter or bang the rings and shapes and blocks. He's such a funny, intense, loud big guy! Last night on our walk he decided he wanted out of the stroller, so he started yelling "All done! Done done!" and waving his hands in the air (the infant sign language for "all gone" or "all done"). He cracks me up. They all do!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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