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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday 11 November update

Sorry for the few days of silence.  After Carrie's one night with Will in the hospital on Friday,  it was pretty apparent that he indeed is not ready to come home.  He just really isn't taking his full feedings well, even if he wakes up screaming with hunger.  He tires out too quickly and it really takes a long time to fill him up.

Though we keep saying this, we really think Marcie will likely be coming home this week.  She's doing great and eating well.

Grace, too, is eating well and progressing.  She is actually catching up to Marcie on her feeds, so she might be in the running for being the next to come home! She's still on a tiny bit of oxygen, but it's the type that she can come home on, so that's a praise. Of course, we'd love it if her little lungs grow out of their need for any additional oxygen.

David continues to do well at home, though he's "waking up" a bit more.  He's awake a lot in the evenings and gets a bit fussy.  We're just trying to find out what his needs are and aren't and how to best help him.  It will be quite a job to figure all the babies out as they come home while still attempting to keep them on a schedule. Thank God for His enablement and wisdom!

Seth yesterday was doing very well.  Carrie said it was the first time she had seen him breathing normally without labored breaths.  He was wide awake and alert for several hours and seems to be looking for more "input."  So he'll be spending time in swings or bouncy chairs so he can see more of his world.  The others have been doing the same thing in the other NICU and at home, so it's good that Seth now is needing and getting the additional sensory input.  Today he was moved back to the NIPV (non-invasive pulmonary ventilation) machine from the CPAP because he was not breathing as well.  Though that is a bit of a regression, he was needing a lower percentage of oxygen today.  The roller coaster continues . . . . He sure seems happier and less touchy than he did in weeks past, so that's a praise. The head neonatologist said that he still has very severe chronic lung disease, of course, and advised patience again as we wait for him to heal.

After Carrie's night by herself with Will, getting up to feed and take care of him as well as pumping for the rest of the babies, it became apparent how absolutely critical it is that she get a good night's sleep. Two hours here or there just isn't sufficient at this time as she doesn't have any reserve. Friday was not a good day; she had severely decreased ability to cope with our current reality.  The accumulated stress of having a very sick baby in one NICU plus three others in another hospital and a fussy little guy at home in the evenings, not to mention Isaac, is stretching both of us. We are already SO thankful for ALL the volunteers who are helping us in so many ways, including those enabling us to stay sane by allowing us to sleep more at night once more babies come home. If there is anyone else out there willing to take nights (even if we fly you to Dallas for a time), we'd sure appreciate the help.

Grace and Marcie getting to know each other.

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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