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Monday, November 5, 2012

Critical 24-48 hours

Hi again,

I just talked to the nurse practitioner for Seth (7 lb 4 oz); she says he is still working too hard to breathe so they went up on his machine pressures a bit. They are considering steroids yet again in order to try to avoid having to re-intubate him and put him back on a ventilator. We are praying fervently that he will not need that, please God! But as Isaac said tonight, God knows what is best so we don't need to be afraid. The next 24-48 hours "should" tell us which way he's going to go: worsen or stabilize/improve. So far, this improvement has been like 10 steps forward and 5 steps back; as the NP pointed out, at least we are netting a gain, Lord willing, and she's proud of how well he's done off the ventilator. These 2 weeks have given his lungs time to heal better than they would have on the ventilator. Still, we would LOVE for him to remain on the non-invasive cannula and continue hearing his sighs and grunts and even cries (hoarse though they may be).

We will update you when we know more. Meanwhile, we are grateful for how peaceful Seth seems despite having to work so hard he's retracting/panting when he breathes. It's hard to watch. :(

God is ALWAYS good, all the time!

Some cute pictures from today:

Pretend Gracie (left) and Marcie are in a photo booth together. :) We think they look a lot alike.

[Sleepy Gracie is 5 lb 10 oz, more than a pound less than goofy Marcie at 6 lb 13 oz!]
Marcie eyeing her pacifier after she lost it. I think she looks like Will sometimes, especially as she fills out.

Will at 9 lb 1 oz (Isaac was 8 lb 2 oz at birth, 2 days past his due date, which is today for Will!)
I think that red forehead mark is from being smooshed up against my pelvic bones; Isaac had the same thing

Marcie LOVES to vocalize and engage with people!


  1. Isaac, what wonderful wisdom you possess and yay for you!! I pray Seth can have steroids again rather than the vent. I know they have their dangers, too, but I also know how good it is for him to be off the vent and most of all, to be held and loved by his wonderful parents. He has came so far!! Thank you a million times over for sharing the wonderful pictures. The babies are so precious and growing so fast! I will say a special prayer tonight for Seth and as always for your entire family. God Bless

  2. I too am so impressed with Issac's great trust in God. No wonder God says we need to become as a child! Thanks for all the pictures and the updates. Praying with y'all for Seth. I know in just a little way how stressful nicu time is. We had twins and due to the one twin's very severe heart problem we had too deliver over 1000 miles away from home at CHOP. And then my hubby had to go back to work. So I spent the first 8 weeks at the hospital or McDonald house with my boys, also have a now 6 yr old son who was with me some of the time. So yes I do understand how depleted our strength becomes and how stressful it all can be. Praying God will just overflow His strength and grace over y'all. Praying! In Christian love, Denise

  3. Father, You know the needs of these precious ones, and today the prayer will be as Isaac claims - You know what is best, and that is enough. All praise and glory to you, Lord. Amen. NKL

  4. Isaac's response to Seth's condition is nothing less than precious. To be so young and have such a grip on God's will....I know many adults that could take lessons from Isaac! Prayers for Seth's progress are always going up. Marcie looks like she is going to be a "social butterfly"....flitting here and there with that beautiful smile on her face making everyone else smile just for knowing her! And yes, she does look like Will! God, hear these prayers and may You continue to improve/heal Seth as time moves forward. Your will will be our blessing...now and always.....

  5. God is SO, SO Good! Out of the mouth of babes...."But as Isaac said tonight, God knows what is best so we don't need to be afraid."
    Thank you Jesus we can rest in you as we pray together for Seth and all the children.

  6. They are just so precious! I'll continue to pray for them - that they'll grow and Seth's little lungs will develop properly. =) (this is Heather from the Arlington Mothers of Multiples group)

  7. Continue to Pray for all my precious babies and an x-tra one for Seth. My wise,wise Isaac. Yes, God does know. Matcie certainly got in to the photo booth mode. She is so precious in the last picture in the pink outfit. She looks like she is singing praises in the church choir. Love you all....Fay

  8. Seeing the pic of the baby girls together makes me want to stay to them, "Stick together ladies, you're gonna need each other." No doubt it will be all kinds of fun to grow up with four brothers, but sister solidarity pretty much rocks.

  9. Carrie,

    All three of my kids had those red marks on their foreheads. Piper's and Will's have faded but still come up when they cry. Gwennie's has faded quite a bit but we still get questions about it. I say "It's God's Biblical mark of greatness. Don't your kids have it? Oh they don't? Sorry." Heh heh! Love Love Love your fatty fat babies. Can't wait to get my hands on them. I'm VERY jealous of Deb Martin. :) Has Crystal seen them yet?


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