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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not quite

We had a long day at the hospital and didn't end up bringing Grace or Will home.  Will is still not ready, taking forever to feed.  Fortunately, he is doing better and able to keep the formula down now that his reflux issue is addressed.  Grace is ready, but the meds that we need for her were not available at our pharmacy.  We'll probably bring her home tomorrow.  We were just worn out anyway, so the thought of driving up to North Dallas in the evening already to get the meds from the one pharmacy that had them and then coming back to get Grace, then driving home to our other two babies who are often a bit fussy . . .  you get the  picture.  

Carrie had a rotten night's sleep last night (and mine wasn't too good either) with David being quite fussy.  Thank you for your prayers as we figure these babes out, how to feed them, how to split up our sleep, etc.  


  1. All in God's time...it appears you both need a bit more sleep before you bring those other 2 precious blessings home! It WILL happen....hope Seth is doing well today too....get some rest, prayers continue.

  2. I know this is a disappointment, but I pray you do enjoy a better night's sleep tonight. Love you guys and praying for you continually!

  3. Oh how I wish I lived closer. would so love to comehelp you guys out. Have you considered contacting the nursing schools in your area and asking them to let their students know you are in need of volunteers? Perhaps something could be worked out that would be beneficial to all parties. I know it is disappointing, but it sounds like you both needed a bit more sleep before bringing two more home. Just a suggestopm. bit we jad a "head" helper at night who was trusted and took care of the babies at night, with other volunteers, so Mommy and Daddy could get at least a full six hours sleep. Sleep is so important, more than I know how to convery to you both. You are both wonderful amazing parents, but please remember you are only human. Always praying...

  4. I wish I still lived in Duncanville so that I could help. Unfortunately, Waxhaw is a two day drive away. I have quite a long stretch off Christmas and New Years week but still four days would be taken up in driving so I wouldn't be much help for very long.

    Prayers and thoughts with you always,

    Gail Boemker
    Waxhaw, NC

  5. I will be pray that sleep comes and a schedule can begin. Have you considered colic as a possibility to David's fussiness? I had a colic baby, and it is no fun!! I found a great product called Colic Calm. It all natural and works to just settle down their tummies and rest. It may be worth a shot.

    Thoughts and prayers

    1. Highland also makes an all natural tablet for colic, teething, bed wetting and may have others. You can purchase these at Target. Not sure what other stores) These are tiny tablets you put under the baby's tongue and they dissolve quickly. Again they are all natural.
      Praying all get a good night sleep and more babies are able to join the family at home soon.

  6. Have you thought of contacting this group to see if they can help out? http://www.missionnannys.org/index.html

    They send teens and mature women around the world to help missionaries. Maybe they can send you a few someones for a few weeks/months.

  7. I am guessing you needed a pharmacy that could compound an Prevacid/Prilosec etc for you? My kids both came home on one of these (fuzzy memory now as to which one) and I started giving them l reuteri once a day in their bottles and the reflux resolved rapidly so that is something to investigate. Good Start actually has a formula that contains l reuteri now too. I think we may have refilled prescriptions once then never needed them again. Just a thought...congratulations on your impending homecomings! I hope you find more volunteers to lighten your load soon.

  8. Sorry it is so tough right now! Your precious babies are just trying to get home to their family for Thanksgiving, just like everyone else. I think lots of people are out of town this week, but I'm hoping you get a flood of help when the turkey is done.

  9. Tell Will that he can come home. His card is ready to go!. My heart jumped in there to come and help but my body caught up and said, "No, way". There were a lot of good sugestions for help given. Judith

  10. It does sound like David is colicky. So was my first. Recent studies have shown that colic is related to an immature digestive system and probiotics can really help. Talk to your pediatrician. The good news is that it resolves on its own in due time. Bless those little babies!

  11. So very sorry that their homecoming has been delayed, but to paraphase Isaac, God knows what He is doing. Praying that peace and rest come for all, and that they and Seth will be home soon.

    Also, just a suggestion for bedtime - play classical music - Bach, Beethoven, whoever, but I would avoid the ones with a lot of percusion. It is somehow very soothing and is believed to help brain development. I had great success with this when I babysat, being able to get 3 hour naps from all ages, newborn to 5 years old.

    Also - if/when formula is being used, you might want to avoid the ones with iron as it is so very hard to digest. Our preemie was not doing well but when the formula was changed at my insistance, it wasn't long before he was able to come home.

    Continuing to pray for your precious family, and you are on our prayer list at church, so know that the Lord hears your names often as very many around the world voice prayers of intercession on your behalf.

    Thank You, Lord, for all Your blessings, mercy and grace. All honor and glory are due You. Amen. NKL

  12. Father we come before You, For YOU KNOW How much Gavin, Carrie (and the Grandparents), Need Rest, Your Peace, Your Help, Wisdom, and Guidance....Please Lord give them REST, so all of the other issues, can fall into place... Please Provide them with the People You Have picked out to help care for each of the Babies...We know how it takes babies time to settle in after birth and going home, and they are dealing with 5 babies at 5 stages and medical issues.... We place all this in your hands,, Amen.............I have also used the "Highland" products...they are very safe,, homeopathic,,,It would be worth a try...And Lord if it be your will, Help provide a way for me to be there and help. for a week or so It's all in your hands...

  13. praying for the strength that you need during these exciting yet hard times....sleep when you can!


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Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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