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Friday, November 23, 2012

I love changing diapers

Seriously, I love the thigh fat rolls and little bums! I think especially because, as my brother said, "They are starting to look less like spider monkeys and more like babies." (He then did a very accurate pose reminiscent of them stretched out, apparently comatose, immediately after birth under the NICU warmers.) I love the little legs, the naked tummies, I love the BABIES!!! Much easier when one is reasonably well-rested, thanks to wonderful volunteers who I cannot thank enough (and could use more of, just sayin' . . . ).

I hear babies stirring, revving up to be fed, so will just ask that you please pray we figure out what's going on with Marcie. She's becoming more and more reluctant to eat, or rather will eat just one ounce, then stop, and if we "force" her to eat more she spits up. Maybe reflux, like Will, so we're trying his formula out on her.

A couple of funny pics (maybe Gavin already posted? Too tired to check.):

The domino effect: You remove one baby, the rest just topple! 

Gavin is preserving Will's privacy and dignity


  1. Darling pictures....and just because 4 of the quints are home doesn't mean I've stopped prayin'! Hoping you find Marcie's problem...she's a sweetie (as they all are). And praying more volunteers are headed your way, it must be overwhelming to say the least...God WILL provide!

  2. Domino babies! Love it!

    Praying for you all.

  3. hopefully those that have had premies may understand Marcies reluctance to eat more. she has been tube fed and is lazy. I pray that the right solution is found. Is she maintaining her weight? My Karen would up chuck for some of the craziest reasons. You'd never know it now.


  4. Love seeing you all. The babies are as wonderful looking as their big bro! Blessing continue to fall as we continue to pray for you as those babies continue to grow and mature. We miss Seth, but know that he will "catch up" in time. The news coverage was really great. I hope more volunteers assist as we all wish we could! My arms just ache to cradle those sweeties!

  5. Sounds like reflux! Praying you figure it out.

  6. I have had 2 preemies and my first one would be lazy. She also had reflux really bad and after prevacid it went away. It also might be her formula. Just keep a close eye on the wet diapers and if it doesn't improve call your ped. I know what a whirlwind it is with preemies. One has done fabulous and the other has been dx with cerebral palsy.


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Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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