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Sunday, November 10, 2013

I can't believe it's over

I just washed my last little bottle before throwing it in the bag with the others to give away. Can we really be done with this phase? It's been a little over a year since the first baby came home (David), but somehow infancy doesn't ever really seem like it's going to end. I remember being shocked at how suddenly it was over with Isaac, this dreamy newborn and infant period I had fantasized about for years (and found much more challenging than I'd ever imagined! There was a lot less dreaming and a lot more awake time than I'd have liked!).

*Sigh.* Our babies are no longer infants. I don't want them to be infants again, don't get me wrong! There's just a feeling of nostalgia tonight. I absolutely love the one-year-old to four-year-old stage, when every discovery is so exciting and almost everything they learn and do is so cute. A friend said recently, "I don't know how you don't just die of cuteness overload!"

The babies sit at the table and each does his or her own funny thing. David whipping around a long stringy piece of broccoli or making his funny "zombie" noises in the back of his throat, or climbing out of his seat and walking across the table. Will likes to blow raspberries in frustration when he's done and cram the whole piece of food in his mouth when he isn't.  Seth can either watch quietly or play with his neighbor. It's super cute how he purses his little lips shut, bottom lip jutting out, if he doesn't want us to spoon in baby food. He insisted on choosing his own sweet potato fry tonight instead of letting my brother serve him. Gracie babbles in her charming little language, and when she sees food she's interested in approaching the table, bounces with intensity, arms flapping at her side. Marcie eats with gusto and concentration initially, shrieking for it to hurry up and get to her, but if she's in a good mood she often ends up flirting with the person next to her, touching their face or grabbing their bib and laughing. She also puts her mouth into the shape of an O and makes little "ooo?? ooo?" sounds, often gesturing with her little pointer finger. She was mimicking my brother and sister-in-law's dogs tonight, barking/howling/whining like them. Last night she was the last one at the table and was making herself laugh like crazy over nothing, throwing back her head and squeezing her eyes shut with glee.

Isaac and the babies are playing together more and more. He can make them laugh and scream with joy, and he's so interested in them and eager to play with them or help hold them (if only for a little while - they are getting too big!). He also helps me clean up their toys, hooray!

A few other new, quirky things the babies are doing now:

Will rolls his hands when agitated. It looks like he's trying to do the "roll it" motion from "pat-a-cake." He also likes to clap, but then all the kids do. They get each other going. They like to clap for themselves when they get up on something or when they stand on their own, in the case of Will.

Marcie stood on her own for a little while today and took a tiny step. Will has been taking up to 10 steps at a time, but still prefers to crawl because he's so much faster that way.

David started running! It was so strange to see this little baby boy come running down the hall a couple days ago! I love his little "laughter attacks," and his huge impish smile when he runs away from us. He loves to be chased.

Gracie almost automatically waves when she sees people now. When I got her up from her nap a few days ago Isaac was sitting at the kitchen table, just having arrived from school. When she saw him, she said, "HI!!!" and threw up her tiny little arm and hand to greet him. So cute!

Tonight at Costco (we took all five, we were all so stir-crazy!) Will and Gracie were eating the dripped/smeared frozen yogurt off of each other's mouths, very, very gently. It was SO funny to see! I couldn't get a picture, alas! When they are older they'll probably be glad that I couldn't. :)

Marcie, Seth and Will all like to read stories and point at the pictures. Gracie also likes to be read to, but David prefers to take the book for a walk. It's difficult to have a good group story time, but lots of fun still! :)

So all this to say, while it's true that their infancy is over, as is the use of the little bottles, so very much is happening NOW, and even more is ahead of us. I can't let myself dwell too much on the future because it's overwhelming to think of raising five toddlers! It's enough to know that it's Will, David, Marcie, Seth and Gracie who will be my toddlers. There are no other children I'd rather enjoy or endure each phase with.


P.S. I have a couple of cute pictures to post but my photo library is down right now. Just look at the zoo pictures again. :) Thanks for all the sweet comments over the past weeks, months, and year - I wish I had time to write you all back!!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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