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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So many cute babies!

My dad brought chocolate frozen yogurt home from Costco and the babies went after it like addicts! Will kept intercepting Gracie's spoonfuls of yogurt and finally grabbed the whole cup to drink straight out of. We couldn't get the yogurt into them fast enough! It was really hilarious. We dumped them all in the pool afterwards because they were such a mess. Will, as my dad said, wanted to bring along "the chalice of remembrance" (the empty yogurt cup). It's been a much-coveted toy ever since. Who knew a clear plastic cup could be the source of so much joy?

Gracie's turn with the mirror!

David goes EVERYWHERE now. He's into cabinets and drawers and Isaac's room (which I mostly baby-proofed today because Isaac likes having David in there with him). He and Marcie were feeling each other's faces and staring nose-to-nose today. Yesterday he bit her on the cheek. Today Gracie got it. He doesn't know how to give a real kiss yet!

Will and Seth at church yesterday. They just fell asleep on the rug.
Seth, praise God, hasn't need oxygen in 2 1/2 days!! Thank you for praying! I was also able to successfully feed him 3 oz. at once via the feeding tube instead of having to feed tiny amounts continuously, and he kept it down!

David, Will and Seth on the way home from church (note the cute coordinated plaid short outfits!).

Marcie Jane has a personality to match that smile, and also to match her SCREAM and squeals of frustration - demanding to be held or given a toy of her choice or left alone, as she feels the situation requires. (And no, we can't cater to her every whim as there are four other babies and a 9-year-old with needs and wants too!)

This is blurry but cute: Gracie, Will, Seth, Marcie, David

David standing over Seth, both playing with the same toy. David was laughing hysterically at Seth, like it was a big joke that he could stand up and peer over at his "little" brother (a minute younger but more than two pounds heavier!).

Marcie sleeping in the backyard this afternoon after the pool wore her out

Marcie, again

Seth (he loves the pool!)

Will is also a big fan of the water

Gracie and her impish, darling, sweet smile. She is saying a lot for herself these days - and loudly!

Sweet Grace again

I love Gracie's look of concentration when playing in this, her favorite toy station.

(No pool pictures of David - he was taking a nap.)

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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