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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Batten down the hatches! David is crawling!

Yesterday was the first day David really crawled distances across the floor. Before he would kind of scoot around or creep, but now we have coordinated hands and knees, and there will be no stopping this kid from getting into EVERYTHING if it's not gated, locked, or sealed! The outlets have been plugged, the fireplace has been covered with foam padding, we have the cabinet locks ready to install, and there's a gate and a set of doors to cordon off the kitchen. :) In addition to crawling, he's also climbing up on things (mostly the huge stuffed puppy), as nuts as that seems to me. He's just now 7 months adjusted age! Three weeks earlier than Isaac started crawling, and he was a bit "early" according to my book.

Last night David rolled over into Grace's Boppy (U-shaped pillow; she was resting on the floor as bedtime was nearing) and proceeded to push her out of it and onto the floor using his muscular little legs and feet. He then assumed her place in the Boppy. Of course, once he'd succeeded and she was lying nearby fussing about the situation, he vacated the Boppy and got back to climbing on the puppy. Poor Grace! It might very well be that he has to have his own area of the house away from the other babies because he is so much more "accomplished" than they are and is therefore more dangerous - add to that the fact that he has a few teeth on top as well as on bottom! We discovered a bite mark on Marcie the other day. I should assure you that none of his antics siblings-ward are malicious or intentionally hurtful; he just doesn't seem to have a clue that they might not like being used as teething toys or relocated against their will. :}

David likes to cruise across the back of the swing or the couch or from leg to leg if people are sitting nearby. His kiddie pool time is mostly spent standing holding onto the legs of the watching adults. :)

Grace might be the next one crawling. She's already doing the rocking motion on hands and knees. She truly is small but mighty; making the cutest pursed lips of intense focus and going crazy on her toys, trying to play with and manipulate several at once.

Marcie is still the ultra social one; she thinks everyone is there for her and flashes her huge smile and whimpers to be held. She's also pretty nuts about tactile experience of her siblings. She loves to pat, gum, bite, nuzzle, etc., and sometimes actually tolerates it in return (depending on how tired she is).

Before I forget: Some people in this area offered us used Pack 'n' Plays a few months ago, but we turned them down since we already had one per child. Well, we could really use them now. We have "day beds" and "night beds" (to aid in napping mostly) and it would be really nice not to have to move the Pack 'n' Plays around several times a day. So if any of you still have extra Pack 'n' Plays around your house, please contact us at jonesquints@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

Thank God, the babies have stopped crying/screaming to be held as much as they were a few weeks ago. I have to remind myself every time I think I'm going to pull out my hair that they are in a phase which will pass.

Seth is SO enjoying being free from oxygen during the bulk of the daylight hours, and because he can take enough food by tube while he sleeps, he's able to be free of the pump as well during a few hours of the day. That allows him to roll around in the walker, bounce like crazy in the bouncers or Johnny-Jump-Up, and scoot/roll around on the floor to his heart's content. It also makes him so much easier to carry around or play with, so it seems to be making a HUGE difference in his development. His therapists say he has just leapt forward in the past couple of weeks! He loves each of his siblings and has a huge sweet smile and fat little patting hands ready for them whenever they get near to each other. He and Will just smiled and smiled at each other yesterday when I got them both up. Precious!

Will is still the biggest and most "chill" overall. He loved going to the lake yesterday (a man-made local lake oddly named Joe Pool Lake) for Aunt Courtney's birthday. He wanted to touch the waves and play with the rocks. Marcie mostly just wanted the rocks. As you can see to the left, the fun and sun and wind and waves wore Will out! Aunt Samantha is always a comfortable and willing "cradle" for the babies. I was feeding Marcie at the time. I love a one-to-one ratio of adults to babies! :)

Will enjoying a beautiful day on the porch

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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