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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seth is even better!

What a happy day, for which I praise God! He was down to 3 liters/minute of flow and 35% oxygen with lovely oxygen saturation levels for most of the time I was there today. The respiratory therapist says he's getting so close! He can come home on tube feedings, so we don't need to worry about the whole learning to eat thing in the hospital. He'll be able to work on that at home. He really wanted to nurse today, which was encouraging and special for me! He couldn't actually do it, but he definitely has the idea and loved the comfort of it. I want him HOME. Even though tonight wasn't the easiest baby-wise, they are all still so precious and generally happy. We lined them up in the tub and bathed them - pictures tomorrow.

I was just reminded this evening that my sister's graduation is on Sunday at 11 a.m. - I am so forgetful these days! If maybe 3 people are available from 10:00 to about 2:00, I sure would love to go to that. Obviously my family is going to be there, so I can't call on them. :} Sorry, I realize it's Sunday and so many of you go to church. If I can't go at least my sister will know I've tried!

Also, we have two volunteers coming at 2:00, but if I do make it to the graduation and someone can stay later, I'd love to go out to eat with the family to "celebrate" afterwards. That would just be icing on the cake, though. :) I am already more blessed than I ever thought possible! (Gavin actually has a chance to fly with someone tomorrow afternoon, so I can't take that away from him.)

One last thing: I should clarify that the masked volunteer in the photo yesterday hadn't gotten her flu shot, hence the mask for a two-day visit. She already had the DTaP or TDaP or whatever it's called. :)

Love and greatest appreciation!


  1. Awesome news about Seth!! Oh how I wish I lived closer. I would happily volunteer every day. I do have a question and it is probably out there somewhere, but I cannot find it. I want to send something for the babies and Isaac for Christmas. I am pretty sure a gift card would be best for the littest people, since diapers are always needed, but what about Isaac? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and helpful. God bless you all and thanks again for sharing your wonderful journey so willingly and even when I know youare so tired you can barely hold your eyes open. Your posts mean a great deal to many. Some of us feel like we know you by now. It is an honor to be able to share in such a miraculous journey.

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! I can't wait to tell my students on Monday. They ask almost daily about the babies, so they will be soooo excited!
    In Christ,
    Jenny McMillan, Mary Beth Johnson's sister

  3. Two days in a row with good news, we all so needed it this morning. I couldn't begin to count the prayers that have been said for this little man. I keep saying it and know in my heart that God has a VERY special life planned for this little one, very special! Great news, great news......prayers continue for all of you. WAY TO GO SETH!

  4. Woo-Hoo!!! Thank You, Lord!
    And, Lord, if it be Your Will, please let Seth improve so much he can be home for Christmas - what a blessing and joy that would be. Thank You for loving on the Jones family as You have. We praise Your Name, and give You all the honor and glory. Amen. NKL

  5. God continues to bless~! I am so excited for you and Seth. I can't wait until he joins you all. What a day that will be! I am just filled with joy at the thought of Seth's homecoming. Thanks so much for pictures and updates. We love you all.

  6. Such happy, happy news. How totally gorgeous the babies all are! Will keep praying to and thanking God for your amazing family. Can't enough of the photos. So sad that I cannot fly down to help.

  7. Gavin and Carrie, I made it to Meridian, Mississippi today through hours of heavy rain. I'm planning to rise early tomorrow to finish the journey to Duncanville. I can't wait to meet you and your family. I'm really looking forward to the next ten days.


    Gail Boemker
    Waxhaw, NC (Currently enroute to Texas!!)


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