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Thursday, February 6, 2014

PNG preparations, Seth's PT progress, and cute stuff

Hi all,

It is a LOT of work sorting and packing for four year's worth of clothing for quintuplets! I have been working since before 9 this morning, it's after 2 now, and I've barely scratched the surface. We are one blessed family!!! THANK YOU to everyone who has sent us anything.

A number of people have asked me to please let them know what we need as we think ahead four years, living in a country where kids' clothing is hard to find (used clothing stores) or very cheaply made. That's why I'm trying to get this figured out now, and I will post it to the blog as per the request of a few of you - thank you!

We've started an Amazon.com wish list with curtains, bedding, miscellaneous other things we'll need. There is absolutely zero pressure on this, though - you've given SO much already! It's largely to help me remember what I've seen that I like so I can be sure I get something like it before we leave. For instance, I registered for insulated blackout curtains because it gets cold at 5,000 feet at night and in the early morning, plus we'll be arriving during their winter!

In other news, Seth has been doing amazingly well with walking, 4-5 steps at a time on his own, standing on his own (again; he had stopped doing it for a month or more), and getting up to a standing position without holding onto anything. His PT (physical therapist) wants to wait on the walker and foot brace because she thinks he's already getting so much better, plus she doesn't want him to become attached to a walker and feel like he needs it.

Seth tried to use David as a walker again yesterday, but David bit him. Guess that free ride's over!

Marcie and Gracie started saying "pretty" yesterday about Sarah's necklace. It sounds like of like "Pi-tee" with enough of a blurred "p" to kind of suggest the r sound. :) Gracie also said, "Hi, Daddy!" when Gavin came in last night. I didn't hear it, but he got her to do it again, except the second time she said, "Hi, Da-daddy!"

Will is hilarious; he keeps saying "Done-done-done!" instead of bye-bye when he's waving. I guess that person is "done" as far as being in our house. Or he's "done" and wants to go out. I know how he feels. ;)

It's snowing here today! Isaac's school closed early. It's always nice to have him around to entertain the babies. He gets them laughing SO hard! He's also a huge help to me in meeting their needs and running things around the house. It's good to have young legs and lots of energy and a helpful spirit, thank God!

I've got lots of pictures today:

The girls with their morning coffee mugs and spoons (empty, but they want to be like me)

My beautiful mom with her beautiful granddaughters. The coordinating outfits happened by accident!
Just some of the clothes I was sorting! David LOVES getting up on the table . . .
. . . especially if there's a computer. Thankfully it was password-protected, and he's gentle with the keys. 

Will and Gracie had to sit in the boxes, of course, after helping me unpack them a bit.

This empty cabinet (NOT a fall and crush-risk, thankfully!) is a huge hit with the kids. David with Gracie and Will inside.
Gracie wanted to be the only one inside and managed to push out both Will and David

Uh-oh, poor Grace. :( David persevered and won a spot inside.
David and Isaac playing last night

Marcie fell asleep on Grandpadad last night. David is walking by.

Big Gavin and "Little Gavin" (David)
Apparently it's never too early to climb trees - or at least be put in one with Daddy standing right there!
Little Ragamuffin Seth with a dirty nose and stretched-out shirt, looking adorable nonetheless!

I wanted to mention in reply to those of you who have thanked me for keeping up with the blog, it would not be possible if it weren't for the lovely people who help care for our babies and do our house chores! So you really need to thank them. :) As I'm writing this Lynée is coping with a roomful of increasingly fussy, nap-ready toddlers, so I'd better run and help!

Love and gratitude,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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