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Monday, February 17, 2014

Boy clothes update - plus a charming picture!

Finally, I can let those of you who have been asking know that we still need the following boy apparel for the next four years:

>> warm pajamas 24 month and 2 T sizes (The nights and early mornings are quite cool in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea; we live at 5,000 ft.)

>> pretty much every type of clothing item sizes 3T-5T (shorts, pants, long- and short-sleeve shirts and warm pajamas). We only have a few items in each size thus far.

>> shoe sizes 7-12, such as washable/cleanable Velcro sneakers, sandals, or Croc-type shoes, plus slippers for the nights and mornings.

THANKS to Naomi for taking inventory of all the boxes that were in the attic! It seemed a huge, tedious and overwhelming job to me, although I am enormously grateful for the fact that we have boxes worth of lovely, quality clothes and shoes to take stock of. God bless all of you who've contributed to those boxes!

The girl clothing still needs to be inventoried. I'll post that ASAP.

And now for the charming picture:

A beautiful day with beautiful children (Will, Marcie and David) reading one of their new books from Aunt Tracy with their loving Papa (Gavin's dad goes by Papa instead of Grandpa). In our backyard.

My dad continues to do really well. He has some pain and swelling, of course, but the physical therapist today said he's about 10 days ahead of where most patients are at this point in their recovery, thanks to having been in such strong, good shape when he went into surgery. Thank you for praying!

In baby news:

David got under the barbecue grill, the hose spigot, and the window box air conditioner today, apparently trying to figure out how each one worked. It's fascinating to watch their little minds develop.

Seth has started saying a charming, "Hi-i-i-i-i!!!" with drawn out long-i sound. It makes us feel good.

Today Marcie said, "Hi Daddy," but she said it to me with a charming grin. I guess she can say Daddy but hasn't mastered Mommy yet.

Grace ran and got a jacket for her and a jacket for Marcie when we said it was time to go outside today, and Will ran and got Seth's shoes for him. It's funny that Seth has been the one the kids have gotten shoes for two days in a row now. He was perfectly happy to try to go outside without them on!

One last cute little note: Marcie was playing with two Mega Blocks (large LEGO-type bricks) until Will took them away from her. So she went back to the box of Mega Blocks and picked out two more, which she then took over to Will and traded for the ones he had stolen from her! He took the replacement blocks, so she got her original two back and won the day! What a winsome little problem solver, figuring out how to peacefully prevail against her alpha male brother. ;)

Love to all,

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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