But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update Wednesday night, February 27th

Hi again everyone,

Thanks for praying for Gina and family. Please keep doing so. The funeral was beautiful but so, so sad. What a darling little boy! What a loving family, too. The little girls were sobbing; it was just heartbreaking. So please continue to remember them all as the Lord brings them to mind.

Now regarding our little boy: Seth had a good appointment with the gastroenterologist. She also suspects a milk protein allergy or intolerance, and when I looked online it does seem that he has all of the symptoms of the intolerance, anyway. He doesn't have a rash or any skin outbreak of any sort, but all the other symptoms of the allergy. I sure hope he outgrows it! In the meantime, he is going to be on a prescription elemental (amino acid) formula rather than any formula available from the store. It should be delivered tomorrow. He's also on an increased dose of Prevacid, another drug that helps the stomach be more elastic, and a third drug to help empty out his stomach sooner. Kinda crazy.

A hugely encouraging thing is how well he is overcoming his oral aversion. He actually sucked from and enjoyed his bottle yesterday, and today he was anticipating the baby food when it approached his mouth, opening his mouth, biting down and mouthing around. Hooray!

Jen is gone, but my cousin Jana is here now. It's such fun to see her! I love all these people coming to help with the babies and visit us. :)

Will is working the toys on his exersaucer with both hands at the same time now. He has deep dimples when he gives us his slow, big smile. He drinks 10 ounces at a sitting, no problem. His max was 14 oz, but then he threw it back up again. Oops! We limit him now. :) He weights 3 pounds more than the other boys! He's 15 ' 4 whereas David and Seth are 12 ' 5 each. David is screaming with laughter and delight much of the time, grabbing his toes, sucking his thumb, jumping whenever possible. Gracie is quick to flash her grin and talk/squeal at anyone who looks at her. She LOVES kicking up a storm in her bouncy chair to make the toys bounce rapidly around. She thinks that's just the best entertainment and is completely enraptured. Marcie is our easy-going charmer with an instant grin and delighted little head dip. Today she spent quite a while squealing with glee at her mobile in the swing. What social kiddos! Seth would prefer to be held all the time, but is also really good at playing with his toys and is holding his head up better and better. He seems to need a lot more sleep than the other kids. We're having to separate them all during nap times. David has Isaac's bed, Will has Sam's, Grace has ours, Marcie is in the nursery, and Seth has the living room. Whew! Our house in Ukarumpa has only 3 bedrooms and is 960 sq ft!! Something's gotta change when we get back there. (Speaking of which, the healthcare professionals are saying the prognosis for Seth is excellent! Thank you, Lord!!)

Now for the most recent adorable photos:

Grandpadad and his grandsons (David, Will, Seth, Isaac, left-to-right)

The jailbirds and their warden (David, Will, Seth, l-r)

Will's attempt at being Queen Amidala (that's David with my dad in the background)

One of Seth's therapy sessions

They all fit in a regular sized pack 'n' play
Left to right: David, Grace, Will, Marcie, Seth

Photo shoot for a British Christian women's magazine


All the kids are starting to "hold" their own bottles.
(This bottle was inserted into a ducky specially designed as an aid for that purpose.)

So cute of Seth! I love the smile, and I love how Marcie is touching Will's head. 

David slept through this impromptu gathering of quints. Left to right: Seth, Marcie, Gracie, and Will lying down.
Grace is yawning.

Grace and Seth in the bath. You can see the extra pound-and-a-bit that Seth has on her. She is 11 lb 5 oz

Marcie and Chloe, who Gavin and I want to clone, she's so stinkin' cute!! Marcie is approaching 12 lbs in weight. 

David enjoying the fresh air on the porch a couple of days ago. Jumping is always his favorite activity!

David helping Grandpadad on the computer.


  1. Hi! I'm a British member of WBT/SIL - single, worked in Burkina Faso for many years before being based back in the UK. Would love to know which magazine will be doing the spread on you, if you can ever find the time to say! :-) Blessings to all of you!

    1. Hi Laura! It's Pick Me Up magazine - I hope I'm not violating any "rules" by telling you ahead of time. :) I'd love it if you could pick me up some copies. I could paypal you some funds to mail a few to us. I don't know anything at all about the magazine. Have you heard of it? Love, Carrie

  2. I am grieving for Gina's family and all those who know them. It is so sad.

    I loved the pictures, I kept aweing and ahhing as I went through each one. Neal, you are the champion of grandadads.


  3. OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH! SO STINKIN CUTE!! :-) I love the one with the four babies and Gracie yawning. :-) Marcie is soooo pretty, Seth is so gorgeously handsome, and Will is a "melancholic"handsome. Gracie, of course, is brimming with personality and cuteness. My second favorite is the one with Dad and David working together on the computer. In the very first one Isaac's smile makes me laugh!! I'm the proudest aunt in the world!!


    1. Yeah, that same picture pretty much slays me with its cuteness every time I look at it. :) I am the proudest sister in the world, how 'bout that?! Love you! XOXOXOX Carrie

  4. What formula is seth now on? I was given 2 cans of neocate and have never opened them. As well as 2 cans neocate jr. We live in FW. et me know if that's what he is on. Id be glad to figure out a way to get it to you if you need it.

    Amanda in FW

    1. Hi Amanda! You're so sweet. It's actually Elecare. If any of you have any experience with Elecare, I'd sure welcome input. It seems to be making him not feel good, but he's vomiting a lot less - go figure! :}


  5. The photos continue to be priceless :) LOVE to all of you!!!!!

  6. Continuing to pray for your precious brood and for Gina and her family.

    Love the pics and seeing the personalities pop through - the one of Gracie in the bath is absolutely adorable.


  7. Love all the pictures! I miss "my" babies SO much!!! It was so much fun getting to know them and all their different personalities! Give each one a hug from "aunt" Jen! Praying for Seth - precious baby!

  8. Would the quintuplet Jack be the ones from Austin, TX? Dad write a blog named, "JonesLife"? If it's not too invasive, what happened to the little boy? I read their blog and haven't seen a thing about it and my heart aches for them!

    1. No, it's not a Jones quint from Austin, although I know they have a Jack too. This is the son of one of our volunteers, sudden accidental death.

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Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones