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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What does a quint do when he's all alone?

A contemplative Seth a few weeks ago. [Note David in the background with no shorts on. He'd wet through them.]
Seth was left behind today when a couple of girls came to take the other babies for a walk. It was accidental, but he was happily playing on the back balcony, watching the big kids on the trampoline below and playing with the sheets hanging from the clothesline above him. He was happy as could be and I was making dinner, so I could watch him through the window. It's so much fun to be able to watch just one little toddler and see his personality when no one else is around. He came inside, grinned and laughed at me, went to walk on our water bed (always a fun activity), played with the phone, drove a motorcycle ride-on toy across the living room with "vroom" sound effects, un-potted a weed from the front porch pots, shook the dirt off the weed's roots, played with a die-cast magnetic Thomas the Tank Engine set, came back to smile and laugh at me, and asked for some milk. I got to give him lots of cuddles and kisses, plus a much-needed diaper change. It's just SO cute at this age! They all are! I just almost never see them on their own, although David tends to be more of a loner and will commit himself wholeheartedly to various "projects" around the house. Unfortunately, one recent project involved "unpacking" a box of breakable kitchenware (rejects from years gone by, thankfully). It culminated in his throwing two cups down the back cement stairs. Another project involved dumping all of Gavin's little nail and screw organizing drawers, one by one, into a little pile. Poor Gavin had to deal with the cleanup from both those endeavors of David's. 

David "helping" me stir my coffee. He's also eating some bread and has stacked the food storage canisters.
 A couple of days ago my shoes went missing from the front porch. At first I was worried someone had grabbed them (petty theft is not uncommon), but then I thought to check the laundry chute. Sure enough, there were my shoes. And a bag clip. And a scrap piece of Gavin's woodworking wood. One never knows what one will find down there! Today Marcie found Gavin's motorcycle keys in the bathroom cupboard. Gavin had been looking for them last night and again this morning and had finally given up. :} Who put the keys in the cupboard we'll never know, but it's an illustration of how helter-skelter our lives can be with five busy little ones!

I took the girls and Seth to the store with me today. (Will and David went with me on Monday, so today I left with with a brave friend.) I put Seth in the baby seat of one shopping cart, put Marcie in the baby seat of another shopping cart, and put Gracie in the big basket area of the cart below Marcie's perch. They did great! Marcie and Gracie were dressed identically. All three babies were a big hit, I think especially with the Papua New Guinean employees and friends I saw while there. One friend I bumped into is the doctor from our local hospital. He had heard about the babies and was happy to meet them. He warned me about measles going around. They've had 30 cases so far, and he wanted to be sure our kids were vaccinated. Our clinic here has seen some cases, too.

Well, it's time to go investigate the bottom of the laundry chute as I start yet another load of laundry. My cleaning lady friend will be here in the morning, bless her, and can hang out the clothes. We had a beautiful sunny day today. It would be nice to have another one tomorrow!

Love to all,

P.S. Thank you for your prayers for Murmps (Gavin's grandma) and the family! [See previous post] I had a cute picture to post from last summer but can't get the server to upload it. Sorry - maybe later?

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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