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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sick with colds again!

I tried to deny it all day Monday, but by yesterday (Tuesday our time), I had to concede that our kids have another cold. :( I am hoping and praying this one is not a bad chest cold. I know many, many, many of you will pray with us. We especially ask that, Lord willing, Seth and Grace will NOT have to go on oxygen to weather this one!

This is cold and flu season, very misty/rainy and chilly much of the time. We survived winter in the U.S. and then arrived in winter in the Southern Hemisphere. But as you know, it was a late spring cold that landed Seth in the hospital in CA, and his previous hospitalization had been in early fall (Sept.), so it doesn't matter too much what the season is! Nasty bugs can hit any time of year, but God is sovereign over them all.

As I type, Will is hacking with a croupy-type cough. I had to rush him to the sink because he was coughing so much I thought he would vomit. It turned out to be just dry heaves. The others haven't been coughing nearly so much, but all have heavy runny noses. [Poor David tried to drive his 4-wheeler down the metal steps of our front porch, hit the cement at the bottom, got a grazed goose egg on his forehead, a cut lip, a partially blackened eye, and a bloody nose, so I have to be very careful when wiping his sore, scabbed upper lip!]

My sinus infection is much better, thanks to those who have prayed. I am still on antibiotics for it.

On a totally different note, Gavin is starting his third week of being back to work full-time! He has gone on a few flights each week. He loves getting out around the country and meeting people. Today he enjoyed getting to know Titus of the Guhu-Samani language group (population approx. 17,000) one of the Papua New Guinean translators currently finishing up the Old Testament and looking forward to starting a multi-language project with other Papua New Guineans. After an extended, near-deadly illness, it seems appropriate that Titus is working on the book of Job right now. Gavin and James (the Kodiak airplane pilot) were returning Titus to his village, then headed on to Port Moresby to pick up the son of Pioneer Bible translators who are preparing to celebrate the dedication of the completed New Testament for their language group. How cool is that for a day's work?! (Not as cute as my day's work, though!)

A huge prayer request is that Gavin's Papua New Guinea recurrency in the Long Ranger will take place on Saturday as planned and that he will remember his training and pass with flying colors (pun intended).

School starts a week from tomorrow. I know Isaac will enjoy it, even if he doesn't relish the homework. I will miss my many school-age helpers when the break is over! It benefits us that there isn't much to do around here, so the quints have been a sort of diversion from boredom for several young people. ;)

Love and gratitude - I'll keep you posted on these prayer requests!

P.S. Thanks for continuing to pray for Murmps (Gavin's grandma who has terminal cancer) and for Marmi (Gavin's mom) and others who are saying goodbye to her. We love you, Murmpsy!

 Photos from Karen Weaver, once again, of the Monday morning play date:





Group photo attempt - funny!

The most successful group photo. Not a particularly smiley group, but oh well! :) They were VERY happy, trust me!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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