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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gracie and her books, Seth and his slide, Will and his balloons, plus little bits of news

Grace received books from a lovely woman whose name I cannot remember as the package was inadvertently discarded before I wrote down the name and address! Please forgive me; I hope you are a blog reader since this is your "thank you." :) Grace continues to be the biggest reader; her favorite spot is on the hearth next to the books, or sitting in someone's lap being read to. She loves the books the NICU (UTSW/St. Paul's) gave the babies. Those seem to be a favorite among all the babies. They all seem to love reading, although David has more need for movement and doesn't sit down to flip through books much.

Seth is kind of obsessed with the slide and wants everyone to see him go down and applaud him. He is SO proud of himself and beams at us when he reaches the bottom.

Seth is walking with one foot (the left) pointing outward instead of straight, so we're restarting therapy to work on strengthening exercises and walking independently.

All of us but Gavin have colds. Seth and Will have bacterial tonsillitis, poor boys! Seth is amazingly perky nonetheless; Will shows his misery more. :( He's had a much higher fever, whereas Seth's has been very low-grade. [I wrote this a day or two ago; both boys are better now.]

The kids had their 18 month check-up today (even though they're not quite 18 months yet and are only 15 months adjusted age). If head circumference is an accurate predictor of future height, Gracie might be two inches taller than Marcie. Hard to imagine right now! She's still a pound-and-a-half below Marcie in weight. She hasn't even hit 18 pounds yet, but the doctor says she looks good. :) It was funny when he asked if she could identify body parts yet. We said we didn't know, so asked her where her eyes were. She immediately pointed to them. Then she pointed to her tiny nose on command, and when we asked her to point to her mouth she laughed and pointed at mine instead. David did the same thing, pointing at Gavin's nose instead of his own. (Gavin's nose is much more of a nose than David's is thus far!) The kids showed off some of their language skills in the office. They were very excited by the dogs on the walls and barked quite a bit. David said "goggie" half the time instead of doggie, which was cute!

The girls wore their new Valentine's outfits from Lynnette. Grace was so taken with the hearts on her skirt that she didn't look at the camera for this picture:

Our cute little neighbor boy asked me today how we know which baby is which, because "there's so much of them!" He was surprised that Isaac knew who Marcie was vs. Gracie (which Isaac did not know for many, many months!). It's such fun to have "twin" girls in our quint set. Today at the doctor's office another parent saw just the girls and said that our twins were beautiful. If only they knew . . .

I took Will shopping a couple of days ago. It was fun to have just one baby along and watch him take in the big wide world of Target and Tom Thumb. Wow, I had forgotten how much work even ONE baby is when you are out and about! My hat is off to all you moms who can only ever shop with one or more kiddos in tow. I normally plan my trips around our helper schedule, so I am spoiled.

Will LOVED the balloons left over from Isaac's party! He plowed into them over and over again, taking them around the living room with him. The other kids were pretty thrilled too, although Seth seemed a bit overwhelmed, he was so tired. (The party was a ton of fun! Lots of friends, balloons, Nerf guns, and running around outside - what could be better?!)

Did I already post these pictures?:
David on the slide. It's hard to get pictures of him, he's SO busy!
He LOVED having the blanket on him like this and kept trying to arrange it just so!
Forgive me if these pics are repeats. I'm pretty sure you don't mind. ;) Love and gratitude to all!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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