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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

P.S. from Carrie (follow-up of Saturday's blubbering post)

Regarding my Saturday posting, when I was so terrified I was somehow hurting my babies or failing them as a mother: I received many wonderful emails and messages in reply, but this one from "another mother" particularly stuck with me. I think I need to read it every week for the rest of my mothering life. :)

"Dearest Carrie,

I am so grateful for the updates, and very glad to know how to pray specifically. But my dear, dear, friend…please know that you are an amazing mom [well, being pregnant with quints is pretty amazing, I guess!], and although keeping your babies nourished is a big concern, you have no need to compare yourself to any other mamas…big fat ones or others. That is a losing proposition and the path to certain discouragement and depression. (I know this from experience.) God designed your body, soul and spirit to work exactly as he has determined. He sees your incredible will, your discipline and loving heart. By all means, do your homework and learn whatever tips and tricks you can. But remember that your story is your story, unique to you and comparable to none other. “There is no condemnation…” and these babies are in his wise and loving hands. He will not ask you to bear the burden of responsibility for things only he can control. Trust and obey; then rest.

Your loving extra 'mom'"

I didn't read this email until after the appointment, but was really convicted during the appointment that even though I'm not gaining weight as fast as I'm "supposed to," according to my twins, triplets, and quad pregnancy book, my Father knows my frame and what I can handle, just as He knows each of these 5 babies' frames. Maybe if I was gaining weight faster the burden would be nearly unbearable for my body. My stomach muscle on one side is already stretched to the point of pain, and my knees hurt whenever I get up, plus I still deal with semi-chronic backache. But on the whole I'm feeling pretty good, and I thank God for that!

To respond to those who have sent ideas to help me gain weight: I was eating all the ice cream I could (usually in the form of malted milk shakes because it's easier to drink than eat) and drinking Boost Plus (which is even more highly caloric than Ensure Plus) throughout the day, both mixed with whole milk and a scoop of "Up Your Mass" protein powder. And unfortunately, my darling Adrianne, I don't like Nutella. :) But you are all sweet to try to help me out! The ice cream shakes are going out the window if I really do have gestational diabetes . . . bummer!

Love you all!!!!
Carrie (back in her right mind - thanks for your prayers; I need you to stand with me!)

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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