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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Missionary Moms" video

The kids and I are in this video a few times. My friend Kelly, who was my next door neighbor when we were missionary kids growing up together in Lomalinda, Colombia, wrote the "rap" on a whim and teamed up with some seriously funny and talented people to film, edit and publish it to YouTube. I'm in it with our ladies' Bible study group (again, I'm the one in the pink), and there are a couple of clips of the kids and me "dancing" (not really) - first Will, then Grace; the others just stood there. In one of the final shots Will and I are on the far side of the screen. [All this excruciating minutiae is for the three of you who want to know when to look for us.] ;)


Watch first, then read this if you're interested in the details:

The mouse story? I was here when that happened. Paul, Kelly's husband, wanted to SAVE THE TOASTER. Kelly held firm on the "toss the toaster" line, so the toaster in the video is not the one that actually had the mouse in it. Thank goodness.

And for those who are asking, "for real??": All the details in that video, minus the grass in the bath water and the too-many strains of hepatitis, are actually true to life!

We not infrequently have very brown water in our toilets and bathtubs when the creek we pull water from gets muddied with too much rain. Thankfully, we drink filtered rain water off our roofs. (Watch "Our Video," tab at the top of our blog, to see more about rain water tanks and life here - pre-quints, that is.)

Our matches do not light easily here. I love that scene with Kelly struggling to get her bath candle lit.

We are exposed to all those nasty illnesses, as are all the people of PNG, obviously, which is why I came here with a degree in public health/epidemiology and focused initially on immunization. Several children in our valley died of measles last year. One of our high schoolers currently has dengue, I'm told. It's past time for me to de-worm my kids. Every six months, my friends. :)

That box of cereal really, truly costs $20 US. Needless to say, the quints and Isaac have never tasted that kind of cereal.

The "auxiliary" referred to is the backup hot water heating system. Most of us have solar water heaters, but on rainy days there often isn't enough hot water to run a bath.

The smoke that was threatening Kelly's diapers on the line is a shot taken from near our house, looking into the charming little valley below us.

I want to clarify that despite the little details that sound so nasty and are really funny in a "rap" about missionary life, we LOVE it here! We're grateful for all we have, especially our friends and community, both expat missionaries and Papua New Guineans.


*Some of you will remember our friend Jon who was in a motorbike accident here back in October, was medevaced to Cairns, and had his leg amputated. He and his family traveled to the US just last week. Please pray for them as the doctors at Mayo Clinic have had to remove 50% of his remaining thigh muscle. www.theleedahls.com

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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