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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Separated but not suffering (much)

Hi all,

Well, Gavin and I are in Cairns, Australia again, this time for Gavin's esophageal dilation. [Some of you will remember that in October we were actually medevaced from our mission center in PNG due to a piece of meat getting stuck way down in Gavin's esophagus. The only way to dislodge it was to put him under general anesthesia and put a scope down to push it through.] The gastroenterologist found a stricture, or area of tissue partially obstructing his food canal, and dilated it as much as he could. This should just be a one-time thing, hopefully. Who knows what caused the stricture. We're just glad it's gone and food will stop getting stuck down there!

It's been great to get a break away together as a couple again and to visit our dear friends the Penningtons, Byls and Leedahls. Jon Leedahl is our pilot friend who lost his leg following a motorbike accident also in October. They had taken care of our kids a for few days while we where in Australia last time, and we were back only two days when Jon was hit by a drunk driver. Gavin and I spent the night at the Clinic with Jon and his wife Adie, so the last time we saw them he was mangled and she was in shock (but "Amazing Adie" nonetheless). It's SO GOOD to see them looking so healthy and at peace in the Lord's hands! Please pray that Jon's stump will heal up really well and soon, God willing, so he can get fitted for his prosthetic leg. It's been fun for me to get to watch some of the dressing changes of his wound. Fascinating! Jon and Adie are such great sports. We love them and our other Cairns "family" too! What a blessing. :) You can follow the Leedahls' blog at www.theleedahls.com

Meanwhile, the kids are back in Ukarumpa and I miss them!! HUGE thanks to all our friends who have been foster parents/siblings once again: the Weavers, Careys, Stewarts, McEvoys, Raubes and, of course, the other Joneses (a.k.a. Marmi and Papa)! Our kids could not be in better hands in our absence!

Some pics that have helped tide me over and yet make me hanker after the precious munchkins even more (sorry, none of Seth!):

Isaac and Papa both love The Far Side and laughed so loudly they woke Marmi up!

David and Gracie puddle-stomping. It's rainy season!

David and Gracie playing in the sink - they love water!

Will loves the swings

Will saying, "I'm making a snake!" He would also say, when appropriate, "I'm making a ball!" He's actually making Valentine lollipop sugar cookies. :)

David reading with his temporary big sis. Little sis Gracie saw the cover of this book, pointed to the puppy's tear and said, "Oh no! Sorry, doggie!"

Visiting "Aunt" Betsy who is housebound with a badly sprained ankle. Betsy is the Primary School Librarian, so of course she would read them a book! Thanks, Betsy!! And thank you, Karen, for taking them there!

Putting Little People through the chute! Betsy is my ladies' Bible study leader, so it's fun for me to see them socializing. :)
Doesn't David look like such a big boy in this picture?

Will on our High School's mini Ferris wheel with friend/babysitter Jadia
Gracie's turn with "big sis" Amanda!

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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