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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Update on Seth; lots of pictures!

I thought I would be really good about blogging when I got to PNG since there isn't much to do at night here. I was clearly wrong. By the time night rolls around, I am all out of energy to sit and think and post (which is why at most I usually just put up pictures). And this time I wanted to write about Seth's appointment last Thursday with our pediatrician as I promised last week. So at long last, here it is:

She used the adjusted age to compare his height to other kids on the USA growth chart and he's 10th percentile. That's still in the range of normal, although he's dropped from above the 50th. And while he IS very skinny at only 5th percentile for weight (adjusted for prematurity), he has gained a little over two pounds since we arrived in PNG back in June, which is normal weight gain in a five-month period. The pediatrician DOES want him to continue gaining, of course, so we're continuing to add fat to a nutritious diet, and thankfully he's started to like chocolate milk! We add MILO (a Nestlé product I also grew up with in Colombia, South America - yummy!) to his milk along with a little whipping cream and he actually really loves it, so that's a praise! He's also definitely improved appetite-wise since I last posted, so THANK YOU for praying!! We can see good steps in the right direction.

The pediatrician also assessed his development and gave a good report. She particularly commented on his fine motor skills. He also understands and follows directions well.

He is so active, it's no wonder he's so skinny. Tonight instead of reading he wanted to dance and turn circles on the living room rug. He thought he was really funny, and apparently pretty talented too since he gave himself a big "yay!!" cheer.

Cute aside: Tonight in the shower Will asked me to turn the "rain on." :)

Okay, time for pictures:

Helping Daddy

Like father like son . . . except for the hair. ;) This is in Gavin's workshop, which, by the way, is flooding now that it's rainy season. The structure of our lower story is a bit compromised - not a cheap or easy repair, which is a bit discouraging.
David's cute face
David being cute again - his hair was sticking up and he has yogurt all over!

Gracie, Marcie, Will on a bench loving on each other
Hugs are fun!

Seth roaring at his lion finger puppets
Seth loves puppies of all kinds, even toy ones.

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

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